Teaching pay scale in Queensland

Teacher salaries in Queensland – find out everything you need to know about the Queensland teacher pay scale below

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Get To Grips With The Queensland Teachers’ Pay Scale

How much are teachers in Queensland paid?

Teacher salaries in Queensland government schools are dependent on where you are on the teacher pay scale. Your level on the scale is determined by your experience and your seniority.

The structure of classroom teacher pay scales in Queensland range from band one to band three, with each band containing further sub-categories.

To find out what teachers earn in the rest of the country, see our full article on teacher salaries and pay scales in Australia.

Queensland teacher salary

For classroom teachers, there are three main classifications: band one and band two. Teachers then fall into sub-categories within this.

Band one Salary from 1 July 2021
Step one $73,629
Step two $77,227
Step three $80,895
Step four $84,702


Band two Salary from 1 July 2021
Step one $88,195
Step two $91,813
Step three $95,479
Step four $97,741


Following band two, teachers then fall into senior teacher or experienced senior teacher designations. 

Senior teacher $102,223
Experienced senior teacher $106,113


Heads of program, which includes head of curriculum (HOC), head of department (HOD), guidance officer (GO), senior guidance officer (SGO) and head of special ed service  (HOSES), follows on from experienced senior teacher. Within this salaries will range from paypoint 11 to paypoint 43. Previously this would have been known as band five, band six and band seven.

Heads of program level 1 (inc. HOC, HOD, GO, HOSES 2) Salary 
Paypoint 11 $118,045
Paypoint 12 $121,104
Paypoint 13 $124,001


Heads of program level 2 (inc. SGO, HOSES 3) Salary
Paypoint 21 $123,716
Paypoint 22 $126,905
Paypoint 23 $130,255


Deputy principal (inc. HOSES 4) Salary
Paypoint 31 $131,445
Paypoint 32 $134,648
Paypoint 33 $138,016


For principals in Queensland schools, the pay scale ranges from $116, 036  through to $200, 606 at paypoint 43.

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*Figures shown are for 2021 and will be updated annually. The teachers' pay scales listed apply to government schools and many differ depending on where your school is located. For more information on salaries, see the Queensland Department of Education and Training.

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