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About Aldar Academies

About us:
From a single, 247-student facility in 2007, Aldar Academies has fast grown into a highly sought after institution serving 5000 students in six schools in Abu Dhabi and one in Al Ain. This phenomenal expansion reflects the great confidence of parents, students, and Abu Dhabi's education authorities in Aldar Academies’ model.

Our British curriculum, specially adapted to the UAE and taught by professionals of international calibre, ensures that our students have access to world-class education while enjoying a stimulating multi-cultural setting where intellectual development is nurtured alongside personal growth.

Our schools are constantly winning the praise of Abu Dhabi Education Council as providers of top grade education. Persistently high year-on-year performance from Year 1 through to iGCSE and A levels as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, suggests that our students will maintain their excellent record through to university and beyond.

Aldar Academies recruits new teachers every year; many teachers come from the UK or schools around the world delivering the National Curriculum for England and international programmes such as the IB Diploma Programme. We seek to employ highly qualified and experienced professionals who will inspire our students to achieve beyond expectations.

Our Aims and Values
At Aldar Academies we are committed to providing education of the highest quality. We seek to:

  • Provide outstanding facilities and resources
  • Offer a full range of courses and services
  • Enable all pupils to achieve their potential
  • Foster genuine partnerships with parents
  • Promote inclusion and equality
  • Engender respect and active citizenship
  • Develop motivated, ambitious and confident life-long learners
  • Provide professional, high quality, caring staff

Academic Standards
Students are assessed through the admissions process. Our baseline tests ensure a level of English language and ability that will allow them to access and succeed with our curriculum.

Staff Testimonials
It is an absolute pleasure and honour to work at Al Bateen Secondary School. I find my work extremely rewarding working amongst such enthusiastic, dedicated forward-thinking colleagues and students. Al Bateen is a multinational, happy, vibrant and caring school that focuses on excellence, achievements of our students and staff, promoting confidence and independence. It is a diverse and exciting place to work, constantly looking at broader learning opportunities for every student. This is highlighted by our vast and varied Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) Programme which is in place for every student to participate, offering not only further academic learning but the growth and development of life skills such as team-working, and sporting activities to encourage competitiveness, health and fitness. If I was researching a placement at a secondary school for my daughters who are now grown up, I would not hesitate to enrol them at Al Bateen.
Sonia Stuart, Principal’s PA, Al Bateen Secondary School.

Working at The Pearl has been the most enjoyable teaching experience I have ever had. I have been at The Pearl for five years and with its good leadership and excellent team spirit it is a pleasant and enjoyable school for us all to work in. I have high expectations for every child I teach and they never fail to deliver, with a smile as they do it.
Mrs Bronwyn - Pearl Primary School Teacher

Working at Al Mushrif Primary School is like being on a continuous learning journey. We, as teachers, challenge ourselves in the same way we strive to challenge the children. Our desire for excellence is made easier to achieve due to our Al Mushrif team spirit. Staff, parents and children ensure Al Mushrif is a fantastic place to work.
Sarah Keaveny - Al Mushrif School Teacher

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Address: PO Box 128484, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 2810 7364