British Overseas School Karachi


Location: Pakistan
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: All-through with sixth form
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 2 - 18 years

About British Overseas School Karachi

Our History
The British Overseas School was founded, as a non-profit organisation, in 1958.  As a primary school for the children of expatriate families, the BOS prospered and established an excellent reputation.  Growth of student numbers allowed relocation to purpose built premises in the heart of the Defense Housing Authority, a peaceful Karachi suburb.

In 2000 an amendment to the School’s constitution opened admissions to local families, offering them the opportunity to join international families in enjoying the benefits of a contemporary British education.  As a result of this change, the British Overseas School has, in many respects, become an international school; with over 20 nationalities currently represented.  Nevertheless, it retains an essentially British character.      

Our commitment to a British style of education is signaled in our curriculum, which is based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales and the GCSE and A Level syllabuses of the Edexcel examining board.  But, perhaps more importantly, our UK trained teachers infuse the School with British values and attitudes, as well as ensuring that we are up to date with developments in educational policy and best practice.

In 2004, the School extended its provision to include secondary education.  In so doing the British Overseas School became the only school in Karachi to offer a British education from pre-school right through to sixth form.  Responding to demand, the Secondary School moved into new facilities in 2005.

Since then, the School has continued to go from strength to strength.  The primary school is over-subscribed, and its secondary counterpart will be fully subscribed in 2012; three years ahead of schedule.

Our Philosophy
Within the context of Karachi’s education establishment, the BOS is a unique and courageous institution.  Unique, because we interpret education broadly.  We view learning as a process and as an outcome.  We encourage skills as well as knowledge.  We value the whole child and every child; not as a resource to be processed in an educational machine but as an individual within our family. 
Courageous, because today so many schools are pressurized into defining education simply and solely in terms of examination grades.  Often they do so in the belief that their students will be better able to cope as global citizens.  But, to do this is to settle for measurable over valuable; quantitative over qualitative.  It is to minimize and simplify the challenges facing the global citizen.

The BOS is more ambitious. We strive for the highest examination grades but want to achieve them in the best way, by developing children and students to be enthusiastic learners with the skills required to take them far beyond the BOS and with the imaginations to envisage where ‘the far beyond’ might be.  We do not want them to cope, we want them to excel.

By taking this more difficult road we believe our students will be better equipped to face all challenges – whatever they might be.  If we know anything about our future, it is that it will be dominated by change, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity.  Those who excel will be determined, adaptable, resilient and creative.  I sincerely believe that among them will be students from the BOS.

Our Primary School
The British Overseas School has been welcoming new students since 1958. It has earned its reputation for being a warm and caring community where students quickly feel at home, which allows them to become involved in and enjoy their learning. The focus is always on helping individuals to develop their own strengths and abilities to the highest possible standards

We offer children, and their parents, high calibre, British-style education, that combines pursuit of academic excellence with development of a child’s skills and confidence – all in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.  

Our teaching staff come from a variety of backgrounds and bring many different experiences to the classroom. This brings a diversity and dynamism to our teaching and learning.   The fact that all our staff hold internationally recognised qualifications and training means that all are fully trained to deliver the curriculum of England and Wales.

Each class benefits from at least one Support Teacher who works alongside our children to assist them in their learning and physical and social development. These teachers are an integral part of the team at the BOS and offer a greater range of learning opportunities for the children in our school community.

Each class unit of class teacher and support teachers is reinforced by a number of subject specialists who work with the children. This may be in supporting a child’s development in a particular curriculum area, or as a teacher of one of the specialist subjects. The areas covered are French, Music, Urdu, Physical Education, Special Educational Needs and Library Studies.

A key aspect of any child’s development is the relationship that grows between their life at home and at school, and clear communication is vital for this to flourish. The best education for children is achieved through a partnership with parents. Parental support is vital to our success. We warmly welcome questions, feedback, and parental involvement in our school life.

We promote a culture of high expectations in all aspects of school life, together with a curriculum based on the principles of excellence and enjoyment. In this way we demand and expect high personal, social and academic achievements from every student.

Our Secondary School
Founded in 2004, our secondary school has rapidly developed into one of the best secondary schools in Pakistan.  It is unique in offering contemporary British education, based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales.

From its inception, our intention has been to create a secondary school that retains the benefits of a small community-oriented school; whilst offering a broad range of opportunities, both in terms of academic and enrichment activities.

Like the Primary School, the secondary school is single form entry, with a maximum class size of 24.  This helps to create a cohesive and supportive community in which every body knows everybody else; teachers and students establish respectful, but close relationships, and student interaction across year groups is encouraged.  We are proud of the warm and friendly atmosphere that is immediately apparent to students, parents and visitors.

This atmosphere of support and trust is the bedrock of our academic and enrichment activities.  We strongly believe that a ‘happy school’ allows all students to participate, contribute and enjoy activities with confidence and without fear of failure.  Such an environment allows us to challenge students through their academic work and enrichment activities, safe in the knowledge that they are developing the character, attitude and skill to embrace difficulties and overcome hardships.

Andrew Williams


Address: Al 7/8, 14th/15th Lane, Off Khayaban-e-Hilal, D.H.A. Phase VII, Karachi, Pakistan
Telephone: +92 213 584 2307