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About CfBT Education Services (B) Sdn Bhd

CfBT have been working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education since 1985. We are seeking enthusiastic and dedicated professionals to join our team of teachers to advance our work and realise our goals.

Our aim is to raise the proficiency and attainment levels of Bruneian students through high impact teaching and learning, targeted national support and intervention programmes, and the continuous building of our own and local capacity across primary and secondary schools in Brunei.

We currently deploy and manage over 200 qualified and experienced primary and secondary specialist English teachers. Teachers from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK, are posted to government schools across all districts in Brunei to work alongside Bruneian colleagues. CfBT teachers play a full and active role in Bruneian school life.

Brunei has a bilingual education system in which students learn core and most other subjects in the medium of English, while their remaining subjects are taught in Bahasa Melayu (Malay language). English is taught in primary school from pre-school (Pra) to Year 6, following an additive bilingual language programme tailored specifically to Bruneian learners. At secondary level, Bruneian students follow a national curriculum in Years 7-8 and progress to one of three streams; General, Applied or Special Applied (vocational), for upper secondary Years 9-11. Students in the General stream sit for the Brunei Cambridge O Level English examination at the end of Year 11 and students in the Applied stream sit for the Cambridge IGCSE ESL exam. In the vocational stream, students engage in a functional English language programme while enrolled in a specialised technical syllabus. Our secondary teachers work in all levels from Year 7 to Year 11 and across all academic streams. 

Teachers are employed by CfBT and are provided with comprehensive professional and personal support. On arrival, teachers participate in a two-week professional induction programme which ensures that all teachers are fully prepared to take up their professional roles and responsibilities, and further, provides assistance with immigration, banking, driving, housing and telecommunications.

Once in post, CfBT teachers work alongside their colleagues on a day-to-day basis and report to their Heads of Department and school principals, however, all our teachers are line-managed by CfBT Education Project Managers (EPMs) who provide wide ranging professional support through formal and informal school visits, discussions and feedback. Our performance management systems are robust, supportive and ensure continuing professional growth through learning, leading and development opportunities. We are committed to ensuring success.

CfBT, as part of its contract, also partners with the Ministry of Education on a range of national educational initiatives and programmes. CfBT teachers fully contribute to these proactively as qualified and experienced specialists in participant, support or lead roles.

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Address: Block D, Units 5-6, Kiarong Complex, Lebuhraya Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah, Bandar Seri Begawan, BE 1318, Brunei Darussalam
Telephone: +673 244 2773
What people say about us

It’s a relaxing place within a beautiful natural environment: the greenery, vegetation, jungle, rivers and sea. The people are non-confrontational, welcoming and happy to see you. The cost of living here is low: eating out, repairing cars, petrol, cinema, cleaners/domestic help are all inexpensive. It is affordable to have live-in domestic support, if you wish! The International Schools are both good. My children are enjoying their education, meeting new people from many places and cultures. Sorry…. I can’t choose what I like the most! There many things.

- Helen

I have one Yr1 Class, and two PRA classes.The teachers at my school are like any other staff I would find back home in NZ. They are happy to assist with translating, they share what they got up to on the weekends, their holidays, their family news. My principal is much like my previous NZ principal, leading by example and always focused on the students. The students again are like any other 5-8 year olds, some full of mischief, some very studious, and some very relaxed about life. They are sweet and will dish out high fives when they leave my classroom, I’ve even had a few “I love you Teacher Tracy” it’s wonderful that they feel excited to see me, and enjoy their lessons.

- Tracy

CfBT offer a high level of support and professional development. We have listened to past employees and ensure that teachers will leave Brunei with an enhanced skill set - you won't come here and coast. There are Special Interest Groups, opportunities for collaboration, support for taking EFL/ESOL qualifications, an active professional journal, support for Masters and DELTA study. You can make a difference not only to the students but to yourself as well.

- Tracey Packer

Bruneian people are welcoming and friendly, the schools are like any other developed countries. Some are well resourced some are not but the children are so much more respectful and they all seem to be focused on learning - it's great!

- Allison

Everything they tell you about the orientation course is true. We were looked after from the moment we arrived in Brunei. We were greeted at the airport, taken to our accommodation, given the keys to the hire car waiting for us. It really made us feel welcome.

- Alistair and Helen
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