Maxwell School


Location: Spain
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: All-through
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 4 - 14 years

About Maxwell School

Friends and perspective families:

One of the most important reasons why parents would send their children to Maxwell School is to offer
them a strong bicultural tailor-made education that addresses both their strengths and their individual
needs. A small school with a small teacher/student ratio allows educators and staff to know the students
and their needs. This also helps to promote an environment that gives children the ability to not only
develop their talents but a strong set of values as well.

Maxwell School is uniquely poised to be able to help all students tackle the challenges of their learning
while offering them emotional, social and cultural growth that will allow them to evolve into responsible
and successful adults.

The aim of our model is to ensure that each student receives a well-rounded bilingual curriculum that
targets his or her academic, emotional and social communication needs through the use of a multidisciplinary
team of professionals. The school provides a dynamic, stimulating environment that fuels the
quest for knowledge, allowing our pupils to achieve their individual potential as well as enabling them to
transport this learning to other aspects of their lives.

“Engagement comes first. When we engage with the students, we can the teach them.”

Linda Barbour, BA (Hons) Ed. M.
Founder of Maxwell School

Mission Statement
We strive to create an enriching educational experience for our students and equip them to lead productive and fulfilling lives beyond Maxwell School. We are committed to providing a well-rounded educational environment where students can grow in knowledge and understanding, working towards fulfilling their individual potential. We believe that our students have a unique contribution to make to the world. To accomplish this mission our program:

  • Provides differentiated and individualized instruction based on the British National Curriculum and obligatory elements of the Spanish Curriculum, as well as related services to meet the needs of a diverse student population.
  • Creates a secure, stimulating and happy environment for pupils.
  • Encourages perseverance, initiative, and independence in their pursuit of knowledge.
  • Ensures parents and families are partners in the students' educational experience.

Our Teaching

Thinking differently is the first step towards achieving extraordinary things. Consider James Maxwell, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, or more recently, Cher, Steve Jobs or Steven Spielberg. Each of these people perceived or perceives the world differently. Each went on to change the world. At Maxwell School we believe your child is also capable of accomplishing extraordinary things; every aspect of our teaching is geared toward turning that belief into reality. Our curriculum is multi-sensory, experiential and progressively rigorous. At Maxwell School, students learn traditional academics, but they approach them frequently following an unconventional path. Our path stresses creativity, originality, innovation, and intellectual risk-taking, making Maxwell School students
better prepared for the 21st-century world they will inherit. Our students are encouraged to perceive the world around in many different ways.

Coupled with the best teaching practices and leading-edge technologies, our program is tailored to unlocking our students’ unique talents, cultivating their gifts, fostering self-confidence, bolstering social skills, and preparing them for successful futures. We offer a cross-curricular humanities program that provides our students with a broad and deep connection to people of other nations. This part of the curriculum spans a wide range of international issues. Maxwell School students begin their appreciation of other cultures early and build upon that knowledge every year by exploring international customs, food, music and art.

Our student body is composed of male and female students ages 5-11. The small classes of 10-15 students are taught in an atmosphere which provides them freedom to experiment and explore in comfortable, age-appropriate surroundings.
The Maxwell School provides a safe, secure, supportive and nurturing environment for pupils. Our ethos is precisely to provide that environment where children thrive emotionally and develop academically to meet the joys and challenges of life


Address: Calle Serrano 158, Madrid, 28002, Spain
Telephone: +34 917 826 277
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