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Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

About Nord Anglia Education

At Nord Anglia Education, we want to be the organisation others turn to for inspiration: the global leaders in the innovation and delivery of excellent education. Indeed, that was our vision when we were founded in 1972, and it still is today. To achieve it, we manage schools and work with governments around the world to raise standards and improve educational achievement. Above all, we want to help others grow, flourish and learn. We want them to be inspired, to stretch themselves further than they, or anyone else, thought possible.

We have been operating international schools since 1992. We run premium quality kindergarten through the end of secondary, or K-12, schools in eight cities worldwide, and currently teach over 7,000 students. Most of our schools follow a curriculum based on the National Curriculum of England, but shaped from country to country to meet local culture and conditions.

There has never been such an exciting time to work for Nord Anglia Education.  In 2011 we have launched three initiatives which demonstrate our commitment to “helping others thrive” - including our students, our employees and members of communities around the world:

The Global Classroom is a virtual learning environment in which students can develop online collaborative learning and digital literacy skills.  Students can broaden their intellectual horizons through access to diverse viewpoints and subject experts, while also fostering greater independence.  The Global Classroom enables the students in Nord Anglia Education's family of schools to engage with the idea of global citizenship - to learn and share ideas together on projects around the world. One of the many opportunities on offer is a virtual space where students can talk online with established authors, as well as take part in competitions (such as designing and producing an Art Mural, supported by online artists).

Nord Anglia University provides a vehicle for collaborative professional activity which actively encourages joint working and the sharing of ideas amongst our teachers, staff and external experts.  The Nord Anglia University includes the Global Staffroom (an online learning community, connecting our people around the world to share resources, discuss best practice and keep up to date with topical educational issues), the Executive Leadership Programme which is designed to develop and sustain improvement in leadership skills and increase knowledge and effectiveness in the context of a global education company and will soon feature the Middle Leadership Development Programme.

NordStar is the charitable arm of Nord Anglia Education. Our students, parents, teachers and other staff have long been involved in different charitable activities and these efforts have been united under one name, supported by a set of guiding principles that allow us to deliver long-term support through fundraising, sponsorship and practical hands on help for communities and children around the world less fortunate than ourselves.


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