Ombrosa Lycee Multilingue de Lyon - International School


Location: France
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: All-through
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed
Age range: 2 - 18 years

About Ombrosa Lycee Multilingue de Lyon - International School

At Ombrosa, education is something you live. This is what makes it truly meaningful and effective. The diversity and complementary nature of the educational activities offered by the School make for a vibrant source of experience which enables each pupil to discover his/her own particular abilities and talents. 

In collaboration with each family we base our approach on three main aspects, all of which we believe to be of equal importance. 

Teaching, classes are the medium in which pupils can find and cultivate their roots. Therefore, it is essential that knowledge is genuinely absorbed and validated by widely recognised qualifications. The demands placed on students aim to boost their motivation, drive their interest, and stimulate good working practices. 

. An authentic international dimension is a bonus feature which helps give students a well-rounded education. In addition to the uniqueness of this experience, which opens so many exciting doors, learning in an international dimension boosts personal development and curiosity. It also introduces more freedom by giving the student a wider outlook on the world, giving him/her a broader choice regarding the direction he/she would like to take. 

By integrating and optimising our educational tools for those who choose them, we offer a unique opportunity to savour this international dimension. 

• Tapping into talent in the broad sense. We do not content ourselves just with nurturing the classic traits of genius. We also cultivate a feel for human relations, a sense of responsibility, organisation, creativity, courage, and the search for meaning and beauty. We believe it is our duty to enhance their personality, diversity and dignity, and to assist their integration into society. By listening to students, helping them, giving them recognition and meeting their needs, we contribute to their personal evolution, sense of maturity, balance, and independence. 

We are always careful to validate these objectives thoroughly at every stage of the school programme, while at the same time developing and maintaining the effectiveness of our long-term educational activities: this is how sustainable success is built. Poise, openness, talent, autonomy and freedom – these are the trusty allies with whom one can embark on adult life with confidence.


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