Panyarat High School


Location: Thailand
Type: Mainstream School
Phase: All-through
Funding status: Independent
Gender: Mixed

About Panyarat High School

Panyarat High School is a mixed, mainstream, all-through, independent school in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Panyarat High School was founded by the Rattanapian family, alongside five other schools in the area. It’s a bilingual school that emphasises the importance of science and maths. Every student has a laptop, every classroom has interactive smart boards and teachers work hard to equip students with the ability to succeed in the global marketplace.  


Wachit Rattanapian 

Visions and value 

The school’s motto is, ‘Excellence in learning, innovation, Thainess and eco-friendliness’. They promote Buddhist practices and encourage every student to strive for excellence in whatever they do, as well as environmental conservation. Alongside academic topis, the school hopes to help pupils develop their social etiquette, behaviour and physical and mental health. Its main mission is ‘In search of excellence inspired by mathmatics, science and research without sacrificing well-established morality and ethics’.  

The curriculum emphasises science and maths but the school focuses on a 21st century skill framework that sets pupils up for successful post-secondary education and future careers. This includes critical thinking, collaboration, community and creativity, with an emphasis on the importance of information, media and technology skills.  

Panyarat High School look for highly motivated and capable teachers that take full advantage of the technology available. The school prides itself on having an engaging learning environment with plenty of resources. Classes are a maximum of 26 students and there are 17 contact hours per week. The staff are great team players who are just as passionate about the school’s educational philosophy as they are about teaching.


Address: 250 Silom, Suriyawong, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Telephone: +66 2 635 61303