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Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Location: Staffordshire, United Kingdom

About REAch2 Academy Trust

REAch2 Academy Trust aspires to create a family of primary academies that have strong reputations for delivering outstanding education for all pupils. We are an Umbrella Trust of converter and sponsored academies and through working across a wide geographical area with schools in a variety of contexts, REAch2 seeks to be an influential voice in the primary sector.

Our philosophy is to develop local accountability for children’s education.  To achieve this we have established ten Academy Trusts that each operate primary academies in their area:  REAch2 Staffordshire; REAch2 Warwickshire; REAch2 Hertfordshire; REAch2 Waltham Forest; REAch2 Kent; REAch2 Essex; REAch2 Maritime (Lewisham); REAch2 Croydon; REAch2 Thames Valley; and REAch2 Sussex. 

While our high performing Academies enjoy significant autonomy to educate their children in the way that best meets the needs of their children, there are also important characteristics of all REAch2 academies that are not negotiable. 

I. EXCELLENCE AND HIGH STANDARDS FOR ALL PUPILS: the REAch2 family is committed to excellence & the highest standards in terms of children’s learning and enjoyment of school. It aspires to achieve the very best educational and wider outcomes for all children across the Trust, and wherever possible, supports and informs others in the wider system to achieve the same.

II. EXCELLENCE AND HIGH STANDARDS IN TEACHING AND LEADERSHIP: the REAch2 family is committed to excellence & high standards amongst all staff. It prides itself upon inspirational and responsible leadership and teaching in all schools and all parts of the Trust. It provides wide ranging and inclusive opportunities for teachers and leaders to contribute to improving practice and raising achievement in all schools, through a culture of constructive challenge, support and continuous learning and development.

III. HIGH QUALITY, EVIDENCE-BASED, PROVISION: the REAch2 family is committed to raising achievement through high quality provision – delivering sustainable, evidence-based approaches to school improvement and classroom practice. It is an innovator and is committed to constantly learning from practice within and beyond the trust, with clear focus on raising standards for all children.

IV. SUPPORTING LOCAL SCHOOLS TO DELIVER: REAch2 is a cornerstone of a family of schools. It provides a platform upon which local schools, with local identities, aspire to and deliver great outcomes for children by working together to share knowledge, expertise and provide professional support and challenge. All schools are empowered to focus on the core business of teaching and learning.

V. A CREDIBLE, RESPECTED, ORGANISATION WITH INTEGRITY: REAch2 is a credible and informed voice on primary school improvement, drawing on its ongoing experience of undertaking school improvement and professional development, and its commitment to innovation and professional dialogue. It acts, in its internal and external operations, with great integrity and is an organisation trusted by all stakeholders.

We want our educational leaders to focus on children and learning.  To achieve that we have put in place a business infrastructure and systems that support our academies to secure best value for money and secure the economies of scale of the whole REAch2 Group.  This allows us to operate primary academies with the economic benefits of being part of a larger educational trust.

REAch2 Educational Trust was founded by Hillyfield Primary Academy in Waltham Forest.

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Address: C/o Henhurst Ridge Primary, Academy, Henhurst Ridge, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, West Midlands, DE13 9TQ, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 7706 8981
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