Windsor Academy Trust (WAT)

Dudley, United Kingdom

Location: Dudley, United Kingdom

About Windsor Academy Trust (WAT)

Pride in Excellence

Windsor Academy Trust (WAT) exists to achieve our moral purpose of "unlocking students' academic and personal potential".  Our aim is that all students are able to enter a university or career of their choice, have the highest aspirations and are empowered to build on their strengths for future success.

Windsor Academy Trust (WAT)was formed to improve the quality of educational provision through the sharing of ideas and best practice amongst its schools.  We are clear that our young people achieve their best in a climate of high expectations where teachers are motivated and empowered.  WAT consists of two secondary and four primary schools with a fifth primary about to join.  We have also submitted an application to open a secondary free school for 2018.  This shared experience of primary and secondary has led to excellent staff and student collaboration and enhanced performance.

The student learning experience is founded upon a set of ten learning and teaching principles that have been developed by teachers across WAT and provides a united philosophy that places the learning needs of all children at the very heart of our work.  We have a clear ethos based upon collaboration and cooperation and our key message is "Pride in Excellence".

Each Headteacher is responsible for the standards in their own school and they in turn are accountable to the Chief Executive who in turn reports to the Board of Directors.  There remains considerable autonomy in each school though there is a central strategic function in the areas of personnel and finance that allow for very effective economies of scale and ensure a unity and consistency of purpose.  Each school has its own Local Advisory Body who works with the Headteacher to oversee and support the progress and the curriculum for its students.

Our core values are of collaboration and cooperation, respect and responsibility.  We champion these in all aspects of our work within the Trust and also in our dealings with all those outside the trust that we work with.  We aim to model our values in all aspects of our practice.

Within WAT we have five key plinths that are our main focus for our work.

Teaching and Learning

Staff across WAT have agreed upon 10 learning principles that provide an emphasis for classroom practice.  These are across phase and make sure that all we do is focussed upon improving the quality of each students learning experience.

Professional Development

This is a highly successful and well developed programme that covers teaching and support staff within WAT.  Provision ranges from Masters level to NQT induction and bespoke support staff programmes.  In addition over 200 other schools and organisations have attended professional development programmes laid on by WAT.  Each year we have a WAT conference, attended by all staff and hosting internationally renowned speakers.


There is a highly structured and innovative approach to student leadership that is grounded inthe latest best practice internationally.  Each school has a substantial programme that is designed to build self-esteem and confidence and equip all students with the necessary skills and foundation for future leadership and responsibility.


An important part of any student learning journey is the wider activities and experiences our Trust can provide.  We firmly believe that enrichment both within curriculum but in particular outside the curriculum has a profound impact on unlocking their personal potential and providing them with a much higher level of cultural capital that will assist them as they move on to their careers.


As an innovative trust we embody a culture of enterprise.  We have a trust wide approach to developing this culture that begins in primary schools and works it way right through until 19.

WAT is successful and growing.  Our growth is carefully planned and finite.  It is based upon the long term vision of our four learning communties consisting of primary and secondary all within a 45 minute drive of the WAT offices in Halesowen.

Much more information about WAT and its schools can be found on our website

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Address: Windsor Business Centre, Trinity Point, High Street, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 4BB, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 121 602 7594