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Art Teacher

Concordia International School NingboNingbo, China


As an Art Teacher at Concordia International School, Ningbo you will instruct students of various grade levels in the area of art, and be responsible for cultivating a students’ sense of aesthetics, appreciation of artistic works, explore both 2-D and 3-D art, develop students’ techniques and use of various media, and use project and experiment-based approaches to discover color, form, proportion and other artistic principles. The teacher will be passionate about harnessing the students’ imagination and creativity while helping them to enjoy and complete artistic projects and activities. Motivational teaching skills are required to help students relate art in their daily lives, and to appreciate other artists’ work and enjoy the process of creating art, differentiating activities to ensure all levels of skill are catered for. The classroom projects and curriculum will be global in perspective to include artistic areas of the world throughout various time periods. The teacher will be aware of the intersection between fine art, design, graphics, science and technology and ask students to explore these intersections, looking at all art disciplines, from painting to architecture.

Essential Duties/Functions:

  • Develop lesson plans for art class according to the grade level in accordance with learning objectives
  • Create artwork as examples for students
  • Demonstrate various art techniques and mediums
  • Develop students’ art techniques
  • Assist students in completing projects
  • Assess students work following subject standards
  • Manage the classroom and students appropriately
  • Communicate with parents
  • Plan and implement Young Artists Exhibition by students from K-6
  • Work closely with grade level teachers to integrate art into the curriculum
  • Keep art room a pleasant learning environment.
  • Maintain and inventory art room and equipment
  • Order art supplies and manage inventory
  • Organize and store art supplies
  • Create monthly bulletin boards
  • Design and produce Christmas program backdrop/props
  • Assist teachers with art needs
  • Communicate with TAs and others
  • Other duties as assigned

This role requires 

  • Teamwork across school departments.
  • Child and family focus.
  • Effective Communication. 
  • Results Orientation. 
  • Strong administrative skills and use of school learner management systems
  • Regular documentation of student development and achievements.
  • Practical Thinking and Decision-Making.
  • Continuous Improvement of the department. 
  • Creation of departmental policies and handbooks in line with marketing guidelines
  • Supporting others. 


Minimum bachelor’s degree in Art or Art Education from an accredited college or university. 

National or State issued license or certifications


3 years’ experience 

Master’s degree


Equipment Use: Kiln, sinks, paints and other art supplies

Mental Demands: Ability to give instructions to students and help meet individuals' needs.

Physical Demands: Good vision, ability to move around the art room, lift up to 25 lbs.

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