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Computer Science Teacher-IT Facilitator

New Cairo British International SchoolEgypt , Cairo New Cairo

Employed by: NCBIS to support the vision, positive ethos and policies of the school.

Reporting To: The Principal as (IT Facilitator - Technology integration)

The Head of Computer Science as Computer Science Teacher (Teaching responsibility)

Teaching Load: 50% of a full timetable

TLR point: 2b


To work with the ACLT and contribute to the Strategic Plan for the integration of educational technology to enhance teaching and learning across the whole school

To ensure that all students across 5-18 are able to use technology within various subjects in order to increase knowledge, skills and understanding.

To ensure that skills related to Technology integration are carefully mapped and planned, including horizontal and vertical articulation.

To provide training in the use of educational technology for teaching staff, LSAs and TAs.


To be fully aware of the principles of safeguarding, especially linked to online safety.

To ensure that the DSL is made aware and kept fully informed of any concerns which the post holder may have in relation to safeguarding and/or child protection.


To teach computer science within the curriculum from Key stage 3 to Key stage 4 as required. (Teaching load is 50%)

To work with the Academic Deputy Heads in Primary and Secondary to ensure that the development of digital literacy across the subjects is mapped.

To keep abreast of curricular and technological developments by attending regular CPD that correlates with the school strategic plan.

To work with Primary teachers to regularly support the delivery of Computer Science to year 5 and 6 students.

To work with the ACLT and IT Manager to identify the IT requirements of both support and academic staff to ensure efficient school operations and to make purchase orders / input to OPEX/CAPEX with needs for Head of School approval.


To provide training workshops on all systems that are used by students to integrate technology in their learning as appropriate to large groups, smaller groups or individuals.

To monitor the work of all sections of the school with respect to ICT integration including the purchasing and use of hardware and software.

To provide regular CPD for all academic staff with a focus on learning technologies within their subjects or technologies that all staff use that impact on Teaching for Learning.

To ensure teachers are able to utilise ‘remote learning technology’  teach effectively if remote learning is necessary.

To provide training workshops as appropriate to large groups, smaller groups or individuals, including those providing technical support.

To provide information sessions and training for parents about e-safety.


To coordinate and communicate to staff all aspects of the teaching and learning policy that involves Digital Literacy.

To work with the IT Manager, Academic Deputies and Heads of School by contributing to the Strategic Plan for the integration of educational technology to enhance teaching and learning across the whole school.

To report to the Head of School on the progress of technology integration against the Strategic Plan.

To work with the academic team to determine the most appropriate platforms and their use for the schools MIS, website and communication platforms with stakeholders.

To work with the IT Manager to ensure the IT provision is effective in meeting the requirements to deliver high-quality teaching and learning.

To review with the ACLT and IT Manager all relevant aspects of the IT policies and to communicate them to staff, parents, and pupils.

To produce Board reports, in collaboration with the Principal, Heads of School and the Marketing department, demonstrating effective use of IT at NCBIS supporting and promoting our School Vision.


To communicate to the wider community regarding the development of integrating technology across the school curriculum.

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