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A family in Surrey, England, is seeking an exceptional full-time homeschooling teacher to work with their daughter, aged 12, over a period of two academic years.

The student is currently entering Year 8. She is naturally bright and achieves excellent grades across both Sciences and Humanities subjects. She used to attend a local independent school but has been homeschooled for the past year, which she greatly prefers. As well as not valuing the individuality and talents of each student, she and her family found that the school she attended previously did not challenge her sufficiently to the level where she would be able to achieve future study at top-level academic institutions, an ambition which is certainly within reach given her academic ability. 

She has suffered from some lack of engagement during the pandemic due to classes moving online and responds much better to in-person lessons. She is a good reader and when introduced to a topic that piques her interest, she learns extremely quickly, often reading at length about it to satisfy her curiosity. However, if the text does not inspire her, she can be reluctant to read of her own volition.

She enjoys outdoor activities and sports, being particularly fond of horseriding and hockey. She competes in equestrian competitions and horses are currently her main passion. She sometimes finds it difficult to bring the same passion and excitement to her studies that she brings to her interest in horses, something which the tutor will need to pay attention to.

The student responds particularly well to relatable and charismatic teachers, who are able to make their subject relevant to her life, and motivate her to achieve academic progress. She has a keen social intelligence and at times in the past, she has managed to get away with not doing her work by distracting and outwitting her teachers. Whilst she does not respond well to disciplinarians, a firm and reliable approach will be necessary from the start in order to set the right dynamic for the teacher-student relationship.


The tutor will be adept at teaching English, Maths, Science, History and Geography to KS3 level. The tutor would also be expected to teach additional subjects the student may wish to study, either at KS3 level or as an introduction to GCSEs.

By the end of the two years, the student will be embarking on her GCSEs so the tutor should work towards helping her find which subjects she is passionate about and would like to continue in years 10 and 11, as well as making decisions such as whether to take double or triple science.

Whilst the focus of this role is not on exams or exam technique with her next set of national exams being three or four years away, the tutor should be conscious of developing the necessary skills to eventually achieve high grades at GCSE, such as structuring arguments, effective self-study and awareness of timed conditions. These can be introduced informally over the course of the engagement. The student’s progress and tutor’s performance will be assessed at the end of each term by means of an external evaluator.

The tuition will take place in a dedicated garden-house at the family’s property in Surrey. A private flat ten minutes’ walk from the property can be provided if necessary for the tutor. The tutor will on occasion be required to travel with the family during term time and they will be provided with accommodation, travel and expenses for such trips.

The tutor will be working from approximately 08:30 - 15:30 Monday to Friday with three short breaks each day. Term dates will be agreed in advance with the family and will roughly follow the term dates of UK independent schools. The family wish to emulate the structure of the school calendar so it is therefore expected that term dates are adhered to and the tutor will only take time off during the holidays.


The ideal candidate will be highly intelligent and will have an exceptional academic record, having attended a top university. They will also have experience of homeschooling, long-term tuition or classroom teaching.

An enthusiastic and energetic manner will be essential, as well as an ability to improvise and form creative plans of study. Above all, the successful candidate will have charisma and a natural authority that enable them to inspire a love of learning and continued academic achievement. 


Start date: As soon as possible

Duration: July 2023

Salary: £85,000 to £100,000 

Hours: Approximately 35 hours per week, excluding preparation time.

Days off: Weekends

Holidays: Tuition will take place during UK term times and so the tutor will have UK independent school holidays.

Accommodation: A private flat ten minutes walk from the property can be provided if necessary for the tutor.

Travel: The tutor may from time to time be expected to travel with the family

Meals: The tutor will be having lunch with the family

Transport: Not provided

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to with the subject line “Surrey Homeschooling”

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