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Physical Education Teacher

Concordia Bilingual School NingboNingbo, China

The Physical Education teacher at Concordia International School, Ningbo will teach grade-school age children physical fitness techniques, sports playing, and guide them toward living a healthy and active lifestyle. Instruction will include coaching students to play interactive, competitive sports, motivate them during exercises, and teaching fun wellness activities following an age-appropriate curriculum.

The teacher will design varied and developmentally appropriate lesson plans for classes of different grades to help them keep fit, understand the rules of games, develop athletic skills, and enjoy exercising. The teacher will also be responsible for designing nutrition and well-being programs for various grades to teach students about health and fitness holistically.

Excellent classroom management skills and patience are required for children of various ages and students who may struggle with sports and participation. The teacher will have a positive attitude and differentiate activities in a way that encourages and accommodates children to participate in sporting activities, without making them feel uncomfortable if they do not excel at an activity or have additional needs.

The physical education teacher will be committed to the health, safety, and safeguarding of the children. All risk of physical activities will be assessed by the teacher including procedures for handling sport injuries.

This role demands equally good classroom management and administrative skills including writing policies. The physical education teacher will be documenting student learning and maintaining records on progress and communicating with parents or guardians. Weekend attendance at various camps and events for the school will be required as necessary. Management of the sports equipment and supplies is also a requirement.

Physical Education Teacher Tasks

Plan, organize and supervise physical education activities and instruction

Document student progress, prepare reports, create policy and handbooks

Adjust activities for special needs, weather conditions or other causes

Oversee student interactions and create a safe, hygienic, respectful environment

Inventory, clean, maintain and organize workspace and related areas

Willingness to provide support/instruction in other extra-curricular activities

Willingness to work within a small school setting

Other duties as assigned


Bachelor’s degree in the field of Physical Education or related degree

National or state issued license or certification to teach

First aid certification


Additional certifications in sports nutrition or psychology.


Mental Demands: Ability to give instructions to students and help meet individuals' needs.

Physical Demands: Good vision, ability to demonstrate and participate in physical activities with students, lift up to 25 lbs.

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