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The girl is first and foremost a dedicated and passionate equestrian. She rides daily where possible and cares deeply for her own horse and other animals. Horse riding encompasses many areas of her life, from friendship groups and competitions, to Instagram promotion solicited by small brands to include her in their publications. Whilst a career as a professional rider would be a dream come true, she is also a realistic, conscientious student who values her studies and desires a solid, all-round education to allow for further study beyond the French baccalauréat.

The girl’s track record as a good student has been consistent since the early years of her education. It is only of late that her average scores have suffered, most likely given the disorganised and inadequate approach to online tuition offered by her current school, due to the pandemic. She attended pre-school in Paris and another school in the south of France, before embarking on a bilingual French/English route at an international primary school from the age of nine to twelve. Since then, she has slightly digressed in English, having re-entered the French system (collège) and most recently the lycée, which covers the ages of 15 to 18 in France. The girl has also perhaps failed to thrive in a school environment of forty students per class, in which she negates participation in order to avoid offering wrong answers or embarrassing herself.

A lack of self-confidence towards school generally hinders her progress and she is keen and able to catch up under the right supervision. The girl is a perfectionist, neat and organised in her notes and serious about improving her grades and recovering her level of English. She currently has a private maths tutor who delivers online support. School assessments have highlighted possible weaknesses in maths, physics and biology. Sensitive to these difficulties which knock her confidence, she responds well to patient teachers who she can trust. She is most at ease with non-authoritarian individuals whom she can openly question when unsure. Most of the time, she enjoys the fun, caring approach of her horse-riding coach, for example. However, even he does not strike the ideal balance in terms tuition and motivation, often making her feel annoyed or demotivated when criticised or in need of further explanation. 

Despite any struggles, the girl is strong-willed and diligent, with good judgement and a mature ability to understand different people and adapt to a range of situations. She has opted to take Euro-English as an extracurricular activity in order to keep up the language and also enjoys theatre group as a confidence-booster and good preparation for public speaking or interview preparation. She has largely outgrown any separation anxiety from her mother when visiting her father and siblings. She does, however, feel sad that her father cannot attend horse riding competitions and generally struggles to leave her own horse. Like most young people her age, she loves to spend time with her friends, most of whom form part of the equestrian community. Further hobbies include surfing in the summer, along with golf and tennis with her father.

Role of the Tutor

The transition to home school education would be best facilitated by a thoughtful, straightforward Tutor, with whom the girl can converse clearly about school and life in general. The Tutor and mentor will have a sound knowledge across the subject spectrum and ideally a strong command of French, which is spoken at home. They will be highly organised in consolidating the girl’s knowledge and bringing her up to date with her studies. They will offer tailor-made resources to tackle any difficulties that the girl is experiencing, particularly in the aforementioned subjects and ultimately, extend her expertise in line with or beyond that of her peers. 

The Tutor will endeavour to drive the girl’s English towards a high level and generally improve her attainment across the board. She is capable of reaching high expectations and becoming a fulfilled individual ready to take her exams before graduating, after which business and law are potential choices for higher education. 

Whilst the Tutor will be mindful to limit mobile phone time where possible, it is important that the girl become fully computer-literate. The Tutor will use technology and devices appropriately for academic discovery and digital presentation of work produced. The Tutor will also be aware of prerequisites and pathways available to her with her possible subject choices in mind for higher education, be that in France or internationally.

A passion for animals or horse riding would certainly enhance the student-tutor bond. The Tutor must certainly be considerate and accommodating of travel and competitions required of the girl’s level of practice, which often entails excursions of three weeks and may be assisted by the Tutor. Dependent on Covid-19 restraints, around six possible trips per year could include Spain, Belgium and Italy. A degree of flexibility is thus required of the Tutor, along with the ability to adapt the classroom provided in the family home and create online or remote resources when travelling. Changing locations will always provide new areas of exploration and inspire diverse teaching and learning opportunities.

Hours and Holidays

The Tutor will be available for an average of around 40 hours contact hours per a week, with preparation time in addition.

The Tutor shall be entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week, however, given the girl’s sporting commitments, they may not always occur at weekends or to be regular in their timing.

Accommodation and Travel 

The Tutor will be provided with furnished accommodation in Montpellier, close to the family’s home. Apart from the Tutor’s personal telephone use, the Client will cover all bills regarding accommodation and travel. The Client will also provide accommodation when travelling and a vehicle for the Tutor to facilitate the short commute whilst in France.

If travel restrictions are eased and when safe to do so, the family may opt for the Tutor to accompany the girl on her trips abroad. These competitions can occupy several weeks of the year therefore the Tutor will need to be flexible and willing to adapt the schooling schedule accordingly.


The successful candidate will be an excellent educator, an enthusiastic role model and most importantly, sensitive and patient in their approach to teaching. The Tutor should be a personable professional who fits seamlessly into the household, upholding excellent manners, personal values and promoting a positive and interactive learning experience.

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