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Private tutor – Patmos, Greece

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Key Objective

One of key objectives of this role is to develop a young man into a gentleman.  It is therefore imperative that his Tutor's natural manner models the behaviours and characteristics that the boy's parents hope to foster.

The Student

This tutoring role will primarily cater for a young man who will be five in January 2021. He shows great signs of intelligence and is remarkably confident and communicative for his age. He is a natural linguist, already dominating his mother tongue of Russian, along with showing great promise in English and Greek, both of which he has been learning privately. He also understands a modest amount of Italian and Hebrew. He is, therefore, already used to some teaching interaction, despite not having formally followed a specific educative system to date. Language-learning forms an integral part of his cosmopolitan lifestyle in terms of developing linguistic codes and channels of communication.

The student is exceedingly active and athletic, albeit easily-distracted at times. He excels at swimming and is practising free-diving. He also enjoys skiing, fishing, basketball and driving mini karts. His love of vehicles and motor sports also extends to role-play scenarios and a keen interest in helicopters and other aircraft. He is perhaps a young scientist in the making, fascinated by physics and chemistry. He exhibits a growing interest in engineering, fond of exploring, experimenting and using his iPad. He is an advanced user when it comes to devices.

As a playful, outgoing young man, he is great fun to be around. He gels well with others and takes meeting new people in his stride. He is gentle and family-orientated, always enjoying alone time with individual family members, whilst also portraying childlike habits of wanting to be the centre of attention at times. He is capable of quickly recalling and analysing information, although he is yet to develop the ability to focus attention on an argument, and to persevere in understanding it. He responds well to those who can explain concepts simply, in order to comprehend and accept difficult ideas and new concepts.

There is also a 12 year old sister, currently in 7th Grade. She lives exclusively in Milan and at times may ask for some supplementary academic support. she is a gifted artist, already exploring extensive creative endeavours, including photography, drawing and graphic design. She is academically secure across the entire subject spectrum and demonstrates strong independent study skills.

Role of the Tutor

The family envisage an enduring home-education journey for their son, right through until he applies for University. It is, therefore, anticipated that the successful applicant for this role will be responsible for the boy's home schooling and personal development for several years. As the family have not yet chosen a specific educational system, the Tutor is extremely privileged to be able to make suggestions and develop bespoke pedagogies. This incredible degree of flexibility will no doubt pave the way for an interactive curriculum, in which the parents will always take a collaborative interest. They favour any system that guarantees their son a broad range of knowledge and a wide variety of stimuli, thus generating a solid grounding for any future channels of further education. They are not driven by social convention, but moreover by a desire for their son to learn from a diverse platform, gain mental equilibrium and a sense of fulfilment. They believe that success and self-achievement are born from happiness and stability.

In Greece, the family has set up a specially equipped classroom for home teaching, with interactive devices and multi-functional screens. The Tutor will be responsible for engaging the boy, fostering concentration and focus in order to facilitate productive and enjoyable learning experiences. The study programme will be imaginative and lend itself to his innovative personality. The possibility of subject range is endless, perhaps incorporating astronomy, zoology, art and drama classes, musical endeavours and strategic games such as chess. Other sports that the Tutor can bring to the table will be welcomed, along with the target languages.

Given the broad scope of this role, the Tutor must be exceedingly well-organised and self-reliant, always maintaining detailed plans and records of completed and prospective work. They should be a natural communicator with a kind and caring disposition, along with boasting plenty of energy to keep up with a sporty and lively youngster. They will inevitably act as a mentor as well as an educator, always upholding high standards as a positive role model, able to stimulate natural curiosity and instil a love of learning.

Despite the health and security concerns and logistical restrictions that the current Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon us, travel remains part of the family’s general lifestyle. They are extremely mindful of the impact that these circumstances have on their usual geographical movements, however, they still seek a Tutor who is able to teach in a range of environments. The family also visit Limone, which serves as yet another fantastic teaching and learning opportunity for all involved. The Tutor should always maximise the stimulating and inspiring surroundings on offer and adapt their instruction accordingly. Flexibility and dynamism are both imperative to the role and the ideal Tutor will naturally adapt to logistical challenges, even at short notice.

The much lesser role of supporting the sister will involve occasional updates and responding to any requests for support, in order to maintain a high standard in homework assignments. It is anticipated that this will primarily be in the core subjects. She does not require extra-curricular support from the Tutor.

Hours and Holidays

The Tutor will be available to the Client for an average of 40 hours per week, with preparation time in addition. They will be entitled to two consecutive days off, which can largely be expected to fall on weekends. However, due to travel logistics and changing plans, the Tutor will be required to exercise a great degree of flexibility with regard to weekend breaks. For the avoidance of doubt, travelling days are considered to be working days. The standard minimum 9 weeks (45 working days) of paid vacation applies to this contract.

Accommodation and Travel

In Greece, the Tutor will be provided with furnished accommodation, a short walk from the family home. The Client will strive to provide live-out accommodation in all other locations. Private homes beyond Greece include Milan, Tel Aviv and Monaco. If any accommodation is not within either short walking distance or easy public transport to the place of work, the Client will provide a suitable vehicle provided for the Tutor, which the Tutor will be free to use for all reasonable local journeys.

The ideal Tutor will take an interest in exploring the boy's personal interests, whilst also setting solid academic foundations in his EYFS and Key Stage One tuition, or any other Early Years programme provided. The flexibility of subject delivery and timetabling offered by a home school environment should ensure that he benefits from a gratifying and productive experience. The family have a small dog, so the Tutor must be comfortable around animals. He or she will also be fit, healthy and a non-smoker.

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