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Contract type: Full Time
Salary: $225,000 - 300,000 USD per annum
Contract term: Fixed Term

The student is the youngest of four, but he has effectively grown up as an only child. He places a monetary value on everything and struggles to see value in other ways.  His access to wealth enables him to ‘buy’ friends, and he now has trouble identifying true friendship from those who are taking advantage. 

In trying to prove his monetary value to his parents, the boy’s relationship with them has become toxic. In their company, he is antagonistic, manipulative, poorly behaved and can be spiteful. Away from them, he is more relaxed, polite and engaging. He wants to excel and for his father to be proud of him, but lacks the emotional maturity to get to this point. 

The boy’s academic record is mixed. He is an intelligent child and could excel, but historically his attention has been misdirected.  He attended several good schools in Singapore, but was expelled from (or asked to leave) each of them. He has returned to Tokyo and enrolled in the local public school, but has become increasingly aggressive at home in an attempt not to go to school at all. 

Despite his attitude to learning, the family have high hopes for the boy’s academic career, and he is currently receiving tuition for entrance exams to two of Tokyo’s best private schools. 

The Role 

This position requires an energetic, enthusiastic teacher with experience working with bright but troubled children of age 12+. The Tutor must be bilingual (or very nearly) Japanese and English, and have experience of working in the American high school system. The ideal candidate will also have experience of the Japanese (and perhaps the British) curriculum. The ability to work in Japan, likely through citizenship, is essential, so the ideal candidates will be dual US/Japanese passport holders.

Initially this role is based in Tokyo. The Tutor must fully prepare the boy for his entrance exams while supporting and guiding him with the work from his current school. Should the boy gain entry to his chosen school, the Tutor will stay in Tokyo for at least one academic year, offering extension lessons, homework support and guidance.

More likely, the boy will move to the US in September, or possibly earlier if he attends an outdoor educational program over the summer. In America, the Tutor will live and work with the boy, acting in loco parentis and being responsible for his wellbeing and education. The student will likely enrol at the Flex School (or similar) and the Tutor will work with the staff to design and deliver the core lessons. The Tutor will have freedom to teach additional subjects such as astronomy or philosophy, depending on their own interests. 

The Tutor should seek opportunities for volunteering, using them as the basis for lesson plans and project-based learning. The boy must be socially engaged throughout home schooling - the Tutor should search for appropriate clubs and activities. 

The successful candidate will work as a Tutor, mentor, guide and friend, and in some ways a surrogate parent. This role may be suited to a couple who can share responsibility for the boy between them and bring a range of talents to the tutoring. The Tutor(s) should be eloquent, enthusiastic, adventurous and inspiring. They must balance excellent teaching with accurate record keeping, research and administrative skills, and should be willing to try new things and learn new skills with the student.  

While this is certainly a challenging role, it should become easier as the boy settles to his new life. Without the immediate influence of his parents, it is likely that his behaviour will improve immensely, and beneath his prickly exterior, the Tutor(s) will find a funny, intelligent and kind young man.

Hours and Holidays, Accommodation and Travel

While in Japan, the Tutor will typically work with the boy for 20-30 hours over 5 days a week, usually Wednesday-Sunday, with preparation in addition. The timetable must be established with reference to any extracurricular activities and travel arrangements, and be flexible enough to accommodate any changes. 

Assuming the job moves to the US, the hours will change. Here, while the Tutor will effectively be on duty all the time, it will not all be in formal education.  The boy should be involved in preparing meals and helping to run the household as well as having some unstructured time of his own. 

The Tutor is entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week, but should not expect these to occur at weekends or to be regular in their timing. The Tutor is entitled to a minimum of 9 weeks paid vacation, with breaks taken at times convenient to the Client. Untaken vacation or weekend days will be compensated by payment in lieu at a pro-rated day rate.

Furnished accommodation will be provided in all locations and a car will be provided in America. In Tokyo, public transport and any travel costs will be reimbursed. 

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