32 lessons - 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Rauf - Year 4/5/6 - English planning

A whole term’s English planning linked to the book ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ (Winner of the Blue Peter Best Story Award 2019) by Onjali Rauf.

32 lessons in total, all with SMART Notebook screens, task sheets and header sheets.
There are a total of 193 SMART Notebook screens (in one file) and each lesson is clearly marked along with which lesson each chapter should be read to aid and link to the learning.

(Update 19/5/2020 - In response to many requests, I have converted the SMART Notebook screens to Powerpoint, so there is also a 193 page Powerpoint presentation included for the teaching sequence.)

This teaching sequence and planning will require the children to complete the following tasks over the 32 lessons:

  • writing a recount
  • writing a persuasive letter
  • answering SATs style comprehension questions
  • writing a narrative
  • descriptive writing
  • drama session
  • writing an information text
  • writing a newspaper report

I have also included some examples of work for some lessons.

This topic will also educate and inform the children of a very current real problem that others in the world face - the plight of the refugee. Using this book will expand their understanding of the world and help them to empathise and appreciate what some of the other children in school may have gone through.

Even if you don’t need this scheme of work, I would highly recommend the book to share with the class.



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  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L1-blurb-1.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L1-blurb-2.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L1-book-cover-pics.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L1-engage-in-text-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L4-writing-task-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L5-punctuate-speech-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L6-dictionary-starter-Ch4.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L8-persuasive-letter-plan-template.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L9-persuasive-letter-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L12-refugee-story-plan-template.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L13-refugee-story-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L17-fruit-description-task-2.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L17-pomegranate-description-task-1.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L18-describe-exotic-fruit-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L20-Tintin-The-Black-Island-comprehension.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L21-improve-sentences-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L22-sequence-pictures-template.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L23-drama-script-for-Josie.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L23-drama-script-for-Michael.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L23-drama-script-for-Narrator.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L23-drama-script-for-Tom.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L23-drama-script.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L23-Greatest-idea-prop-for-drama.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L24-find-features-of-info-text-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L24-Windsor-Castle-info-text-example.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L25-choose-subheadings-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L28-find-features-of-newspaper-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L28-newspaper-article-example.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L29-write-introduction-of-newspaper-report-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L32-newspaper-template.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L2-Chapter-1-comprehension.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L3-writing-task-header.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L2-Chapter-1-comprehension-answers.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-SMART-Screens.notebook
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L1-work-example.jpg
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L3-work-example.jpg
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L4-work-example.jpg
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L12-work-example.jpg
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L15-refugee-story-header-2.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L16-Editor-checklist-story.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-L20-Tintin-The-Black-Island-comprehension-answers.doc
  • The-Boy-at-the-Back-of-the-Class-poster-for-class-display.pdf
  • Boy-at-Back-of-the-Class-32-Lesson-plan.doc
  • Boy-at-Back-of-Class-powerpoint.ppt

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