Chinese New Year: The Chinese Experience
This PowerPoint slideshow contains 172 slides creating a magical journey through China. The presentation features a wide variety of inspiring images of Chinese culture – the landscape, the people, the customs, the arts, animals and flowers from Inner Mongolia to the Great Wall of China, from the Panda to sushi. It is accompanied by Chinese music and plays automatically. It also contains a suggestions for use sheet.

The show lasts for 15 minutes. The PowerPoint is a resource that could be used during the Chinese New Year period or, indeed, at any other time of year.

Suggestions for Use:

Use for an assembly – just let the PowerPoint run. The powerful images speak for themselves. Follow up by just letting the pupils talk. Questions to ask:

- Which image did you like the best?
- Was there anything you were surprised by?
- Would you like to go to China?

Use as a stimulus for research

Ask the pupils to choose one of the photographs or aspects of the PowerPoint eg Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong, Buddha, Chinese food, The Great Wall of China etc and get the pupils to research and complete a project on their chosen topic.

As a stimulus for creative writing

Pupils choose an image and produce some creative writing about it – prose or poetry. They can imagine they are at a certain place and write about the sounds, sights, smells, etc. (The Lantern Festival, The Firework display in Hong Kong. They could write about one of the characters in the PowerPoint – the man on the donkey cart (a day in the life of), a Buddhist monk, a dancer.

For Display Purposes

The images could be printed off and used for display purposes during the Chinese New Year.

The resource is appropriate for pupils of all images and the images and music would appeal to SEN students. The resource will contribute to the pupils' 'Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural' learning. It will help to promote mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

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