Jobs, Careers & Work - KS1 & KS2 PSHE [Philosophy Boxes] Education, Automation, Employment, Choices

Jobs, Careers & Work - KS1 & KS2 PSHE [Philosophy Boxes] Education, Automation, Employment, Choices


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The topic of this Philosophy Boxes download is ‘Jobs, Careers & The World of Work’. It is one of a series of Philosophy Boxes sessions designed, by request, for KS1-2 PSHE leaders (though it is also useful for KS3).

You can save money by downloading the entire course of 20 sessions: which would constitute a significant part to your school’s KS1/2 PSHE provision.

The download comprises a P4C lesson/session that can be used multiple times with the same group.

The Philosophy Boxes Method is a new approach to P4C designed for students in KS1, 2 & 3: it is graphically stimulating, engaging, and fun. This download is also suitable for older students: but the format was designed with younger students in mind. In this context: ‘Philosophy Boxes’ represents a more student-centred ‘debate & discussion’ approach to PSHE issues.

The aim of Philosophy Boxes is to bring philosophy and critical thinking into every subject at every level: we believe that any subject becomes philosophy when students are asked the right questions and when they think about a topic hard enough and on the deepest (most fundamental) level.

The Philosophy Boxes Method presents students with a set of ‘mystery boxes’, when a student selects one of the boxes they are presented with 1 of 21 discussion/debate activities [that use 1 of 8 different formats].

The presentation has integrated AfL so that teachers can test knowledge at any point in the lesson. There are 10 different AfL slides to choose from.

The design is colourful, animated, fun and engaging: all activities require movement and teachers can decide whether students are expressing their ideas purely verbally or by using post-it notes.

The nature of the design is that it can be used for short sessions (5-10 minutes) or much longer sessions (up to 2 hours!) - it allows for classroom practitioners to be flexible and adaptable. It can, therefore, be used in lessons or as a tutor-time activity.

The download includes a PowerPoint Show; if you would like an editable PPT presentation so that you can make your own ‘Philosophy Boxes’ presentation you will need to download the template here:

A complete selection of Philosophy Boxes lessons can be found here:

You can also save money by purchasing lessons as bundles.


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