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A fantastic resource for those teaching BTEC Sport and Exercise Science or Sport (2016). This resource includes starter activities and plenary tasks, differentiated learning objectives, tasks with differentiation, employability tasks, Maths and English tasks included (where possible). The resource is very interactive and has been put together by a series of teachers to improve the consistency.
The following lessons are included:
*Importance of research (2 lessons)
*Primary data
*Secondary data
*Quantitative data
*Qualitative data
*Accuray and precision
*Data Protection and informed consent
*Safety and Equality

*Writing an Introduction
*Literature Review
*Qualitative or Quantitative designs




2 years ago

As an experienced teacher, I look along and hard for additional resources that will enhance my lessons. This is particularly true for new courses and new specifications. These resources tick all the boxes! They provide all that you need to deliver content effectively and support your students on their journey. I highly recommend them to you

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