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Planning and resources for primary teachers. Our history topics include Stone Age to Iron Age, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Victorians, Shang Dynasty etc and the list is expanding each month, with literacy units to link to the topics too. Our popular resources have been tried and tested in hundreds of classrooms.

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Romans in Britain: 10 lessons for KS2

A fully-resourced unit of 10 history lessons for KS2, covering the Roman Britain topic. This KS2History planning pack includes 10 detailed lessons plans about the Romans, each with printable pupil resources and Powerpoint slides. This resources has been newly updated ready for 2021.

The ten sessions in this unit aim to give an overview of the history of Roman Britain, including the main events of the period and the way in which Britain changed as a result. As with all of the KS2History unit plans, there is an emphasis on allowing pupils to consider the sources of evidence that form our understanding of this period of world history.

The aims of the unit for pupils are:

  • To gain an overview of the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain, including its lasting legacy
  • To consider how different historical sources help us to know about Roman Britain
  • To research what it might have been like to live in Britain during the period of Roman occupation.

The planning pack covers the following lessons - each with a detailed plan, Powerpoint and printable resources:

  1. Where did the Roman Empire come from?
  2. How did the Roman army help to expand the Roman Empire?
  3. What was Britain like before the Romans invaded?
  4. How did Britain become part of the Roman Empire?
  5. Who was Boudica and how did she rebel against the Romans?
  6. What did the Romans build after they settled in Britain?
  7. What were houses like in Roman Britain?
  8. What can archaeological sites tell us about Roman Britain?
  9. How did bathhouses provide leisure for Romans in Britain?
  10. What lasting impact did the Romans leave in Britain?

This pack contains everything you need to teach this unit, including differentiated activity ideas so that it can be adapted to the needs of your class. The Powerpoint text is also editable.

This resource is brought to you by KS2History.com.


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A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.


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Romans Planning Bundle

History and English planning for the Romans topic. These resources are very popular! This Romans planning bundle will save you lots of time! It includes a full history scheme of work for Year 3/Year 4 based on the topic 'Romans in Britain' and two English units that work well with the theme of Romans. 1. Romans in Britain - full history unit for Y3/4 including detailed lesson plans, teacher guides and pupil resources. 2. 'Escape from Pompeii' Literacy Pack - a two-week literacy unit for Y3/4 based on the book 'Escape from Pompeii', with a final written outcome for pupils of writing their own Pompeii narrative. 3. Romans Instructions Literacy Pack - a two-week literacy unit for Y3/4 based on reading and writing instructional texts. Pupils will follow instructions to make a Roman road out of chocolate and biscuits and then write their own instructions about how to be a Roman gladiator champion. #lovehistory





2 years ago

I have just bought this and it looks great> is it possible to get it in a different format so I can copy and paste it into our school's planning sheet?


2 years ago

I haven't used this yet but am going to next week. I just want to say that initially I think this looks amazing and I am so excited to use it with my class. It is easy to follow and has great resources and lesson plans. Thanks so much<br />


3 years ago

Lovely resource that gives me a base to use with Year 6.


3 years ago

Great resource, thank you.

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