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James and the Giant Peach  board game, art and cooking activities KS2 summer camp EFL TEFL

James and the Giant Peach board game, art and cooking activities KS2 summer camp EFL TEFL

Day 2 of my Roald Dahl themed Summer Camp (originally for Korean EFL students) Includes: * A short summary of the story- using images from the film and Quentin Blake illustrations * A board game and counters that I made (the same rules as 'snakes and ladders') *Team activity 'Egg Drop' where students must construct a contraption using art supplies to protect their egg when it is dropped from a window. *Instructions to make decorative peach ornaments out of string, paint, balloons and PVA glue (original idea found on pinterest) *Links to recipes for making cookies, peach trifle, ladybird cracker snacks and peach pancakes. *Wordsearch and colouring worksheet. Day 1 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' activities and worksheets are available here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-summer-camp-worksheets-cooking-and-fun-activities-ks2-efl-tefl-11818679?theme=1
Experiencing & discovering the Olympic Games: Special PyeongChang 2018

Experiencing & discovering the Olympic Games: Special PyeongChang 2018

This educational kit contains information on PyeongChang 2018, the 23rd Olympic Winter Games and their host country, South Korea. It suggests a number of classroom activities for pupils aged between 6 and 15. Thirty years after hosting the Summer Games in its capital city, Seoul, the Republic of Korea will welcome the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2018 to the city of PyeongChang. Hosting this global event places South Korea in the media spotlight, and brings it to the attention of the public worldwide. As host of an event with universal resonance and international scope, Korea is drawing upon its rich culture to present itself to the world. The “Experiencing & discovering the Olympic Games: Special PyeongChang 2018” kit includes: • Essential information about the 23rd Olympic Winter Games; • An introduction to Korean culture as it affects the Games; • Classroom activities for pupils aged 6 to 11 and 12 to 15. The purpose of this kit is to show how the Olympic values and the culture of the host country have been incorporated into the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The themes are designed to link with educational curricula in a variety of ways, and awaken students’ curiosity, while familiarising them with the Olympic Games. Enjoy learning about PyeongChang 2018!


North Korea fact sheets. Printable sheets that provide background information for students of all ages. Suitable as a supporting handout for class discussions about North Korea, the news and world politics in general.