Primary French resources: holidays, travel and tourism

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KS1 / 2 Whole Day Taster Sessions (French)

KS1 / 2 Whole Day Taster Sessions (French)

These resources were used with a Y2 class to do a whole day of French. They are also non-linguist friendly (copy/type words into a google dictionary to hear how they're pronounced). There are 3 sessions which were interspersed with song-singing, accompanied by actions to break up the activities. Tete, epaules, genoux, pieds was a favourite! These sessions were delivered to 50 pupils over the course of a day in a mixed comprehensive school, in a socially and economically deprived area, with 50% of the class being EAL. However, it contains ample content to be easily exploited for a hungrier audience. Each session contains the 'date board' I use as a starter for all of my lessons across KS3 and 4. It's so simple but focuses pupils immediately. Session 1(47 slides) has a cultural focus and will show pupils how many landmarks around the world are within easy reach of the UK. The resource includes pictures and maps as well as driving / flying time from the U.K. to these places. There is scope for an easy extension activity here - pupils couldresearch the French landmarks and present their findings to the rest of the class for example. Session 2 (6 slides) brings French language in, without it being too intense and gives pupils the opportunity to practise basic phrases and French handwriting. Session 3 (11 slides) brings in lots of language, focusing on the basics with support whilst also allowing pupils to push themselves with the extension documents. For session 3, once the starter activity had been completed, I divided the 50 pupils across 8 groups, on 8 tables and we did a carousel activity to progress through the difference phrases. I assigned table leaders to explain their sentence to their group and how the sheet could be used to support them to write sentences about themselves. Each sheet contains extension phrases. Once pupils had grasped how to use the sheets (around 4 tables in for some of them!), they felt confident to manipulate the sentences for themselves and the whole activity became much quicker. I planned to bring the focus back to the French style handwriting if it were the case that pupils finished the activity in order to produce display work. They took a long time to make but went down a treat so it was time well spent. Enjoy!

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