Secondary German resources: transport

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German Trip (Rhineland)  Past Tense Writing Frame

German Trip (Rhineland) Past Tense Writing Frame

This is a document I used to help students write about our recent trip to the Rhineland, although it could be adapted for other areas. It could either be used while on the trip to help students write a diary entry each evening, or after the trip. I get them to choose one of the days which they then write up on a post card to send home.

By Vicky79

German translation task - transport preferences

German translation task - transport preferences

Students translate sentences to explain opinions and preferences about transport. Uses same transport vocab as Linguascope. Letters after the sentences show what letters the German sentences begin with so students can do a measure of self checking. The differentiated task is for students with weak handwriting / broken wrists etc so they don't have to write the sentences out, they just have to use a highlighter to make selections.

By nilex

Klassenfahrt-describing a school trip in German using 3 tenses-at least 2 lessons .

Klassenfahrt-describing a school trip in German using 3 tenses-at least 2 lessons .

I have based the content of this lesson on the new German GCSE book. This topic comes up in unit 1-Schule. It includes a range of differentiated activities and covers a variety of skills. There is enough here to cover at least 2 lessons depending on what you want to focus on-I have found the new first module to be very time consuming-I would welcome your comments and experiences of the new German GCSE so far.

By Tottenham9