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Puzzles for Chapter 1 Stimmt GCSE Higher

Puzzles for Chapter 1 Stimmt GCSE Higher

Save over 60%! A collection of fun puzzle worksheets practising school vocab from chapter 1 School in AQA GCSE Stimmt! Red book. Includes three word puzzles per topic and answers. Ideal as cover work, homework or revision work. Note: If you have uploaded an earlier version of this and can't download it anymore, please leave me a message in the community or in reviews.
Ghost poem perfect imperfect

Ghost poem perfect imperfect

A series of lessons slotted into the topic of school for introducing and practising using the perfect and imperfect tenses in German. The poem is a fantastic activity that works like magic when you translate between the perfect and imperfect - suddenly it rhymes! (will be clear when you see it) The .ppt contains help with vocabulary, and the other .ppt is a lesson which links in with the Edexcel textbook text on Kalib/Angola.