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Maths Spiders - Number and Data Bundle

Maths Spiders - Number and Data Bundle

These are all available for free individually but if you want them without searching then this is for you. The activities are designed to create discussion in class and make the students think. Each file has a minimum of 4 spiders to complete.

By alutwyche

Comparing fractions

Comparing fractions

Discusses concepts of "like" and "unlike" fractions. Also, demonstrates an example method to compare fractions.

By Danny7107

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Set of paper-based and interactive games, see individual titles for detailed descriptions.

By Kazg1

Math Scavenger Hunt Activity: Years 4 and 5

Math Scavenger Hunt Activity: Years 4 and 5

Get your class engaged with math from the very start of the year with this exciting outdoor math scavenger hunt activity for years 4 and 5 (Grades 3 and 4). It’s also a fantastic way to assess what your class have remembered over their summer break. It’s a hassle free resource with minimum prep, designed to engage students with a wide range of learning styles. This pack contains 12 task cards that cover the following areas: - Shape - Measuring - Multiplication - Division - Estimation - Symmetry - Fractions - Ratio My class had great fun in the outdoors while learning and recapping their skills. A fantastic lesson when the sun in shining! Contents - Teacher’s Guide - 2 x Answer Sheets For The Children To Complete - 12 x Task Cards Top Tip: Laminate your cards so they can be used time and time again!

By adamjharvey245

Revision questions for Year 3-5

Revision questions for Year 3-5

This set includes 40 Question Cards for year 3-5 These questions cover the following 4 areas of maths: Fractions, Measurements, Word problems and Mental Maths. They are great for morning activities, lesson starters, small groups or individual practice or revision activities. If you like these resources please see our other Maths Activities including our Maths Board Game with 270 question cards.

By richardflook9

Year 3 Maths Reasoning -  Fractions  Bundle - 10 Activities

Year 3 Maths Reasoning - Fractions Bundle - 10 Activities

Looking for fraction lesson starters? This bundle has you sorted for the next 10 lessons! Ten Fractions lesson starters covering the following learning outcomes: LO - Recognise and show, using diagrams, equivalent fractions with small denominators - (Yr. 3 – Fluency) LO - Solve problems involving fractions of a number - (Yr. 3 – Fluency & problem solving) LO - Recognise and use fractions on a number line - (Yr. 3 – Fluency) LO - Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator LO - Solve problems involving fractions (Yr. 3 – Reasoning) LO – Recognise simple equivalent fractions (Yr. 3 – Reasoning) LO – To order fractions with the same denominators (Yr. 3 – Reasoning) LO – To compare and order fractions (Yr. 3 – Reasoning) Set out in easy to photocopy format 4 to a page (sometimes 2 to a page). I use them with my class to start every maths lesson, encouraging discussion and reasoning between students. AND as a cheeky bonus using them means I always have written evidence of students reasoning skills!

By susiesee

Lower Key Stage 2-  Numeracy Super Saver!

Lower Key Stage 2- Numeracy Super Saver!

20 files, each containing a huge array of detailed, differentiated Numeracy plans, Powerpoints, homework, key vocabulary, games, puzzles, display posters and much more, designed to engage a variety of different learners. This super saver pack covers: shape, space, measure, puzzles, problem solving, calculating, written methods, data handling, factors, fractions, time, times tables, Numeracy starters and revision! A way to fire up your lessons, while maintaining a work/ life balance for yourself!

By kep1987