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Codemakers and Codebreakers: then and now

Codemakers and Codebreakers: then and now

Lesson 3 from the acclaimed teaching pack 'Dial M For Missile: Exploring Themes Around the Cuban Missile Crisis'. This lesson enables students to discover the history of secret code-making and breaking, and its significance at the time of historic events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. They learn how codes can be made and broken, and then create their own in small groups and attempt to break each others'. The lesson also gives the opportunity to explore relevant ethical dilemmas, by getting students to debate questions around secrecy, privacy, intelligence-gathering in the context of the world today. The lesson plan includes differentiation, extension and enrichment suggestions. The lesson is highly relevant to the curriculum and exam syllabuses of History, Citizenship, Government & Politics, Maths, Computing, and Religious Education, as well as helping to meet SMSC, Prevent and British Values requirements. To browse and download the other lessons from the Dial M For Missile Pack pack, plus the pack as a whole (including endorsements), go to

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(13.5) Wealth creation and exploitation

(13.5) Wealth creation and exploitation

(13.5) Wealth creation and exploitation Objectives i. Understand what the Catholic Church teaches about wealth creation and exploitation of the poor. ii. Know how the Catholic Church is helping to combat human trafficking. iii. Understand views about the wealth of the Catholic Church.

By kutepoppygirl95

The Green Mile Activity Pack

The Green Mile Activity Pack

The Green Mile Activity Pack Film Summary Cloze Activity The Green Mile Crossword The Green Mile Source Analysis Activity Capital Punishment The Green Mile Video support sheet - editable Arlen Bitterbuck death scene - I have chosen this scene because it is not as graphic as Eduard "Del" Delacroix and it contrasts with John Coffey's also. Capital Punishment The Green Mile Video support sheet John Coffey Execution The Green Mile Word Search The Green Mile Thinking Skills Activity - great template for use during the film/discussion time Solve the message puzzle from The Green Mile Help JC Heal PE The Green Mile maze puzzle The Green Mile Quotes

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