Secondary Hindi resources: holidays, travel and tourism

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Holi - festival of colours - Festival of love - History - Story - Description + 2 Kid Reading Books

Holi - festival of colours - Festival of love - History - Story - Description + 2 Kid Reading Books

Holi is an Indian Spring Festival which is now celebrated around the world. My presentation comes complete with a story about why this festival is important (you can choose between a long or short version), a description of what happens and lots of colourful pictures of the event. In addition, you are able to read the lives of two Indian children as they get ready for Holi and what they do on the day. These could be printed off and read individually or they could be projected onto the interactive whiteboard and read as a class. The students could then think about how they would like to celebrate the coming of Spring and who knows, perhaps even have their own version of Holi in the classroom!

By peterfogarty

India Climate and Landscape presentation (14 slides)

India Climate and Landscape presentation (14 slides)

In this presentation you will find aspects about: - Climate in India - Landscape in India - Village (Chembakolli) life in India - Challenge (Questions) for pupils All the graphical resoucer have decent quality and right proportions. Presentation includes sound and visual animation as well. If you would like to get ready to use INDIA presentation for Year 4 class, you won't regret. Buying staff from me, will push and motivate me to produce new school resources. PS If you have great ideas, but technically can't bring them to life, I'am open for your offers. Thank you.

By addictive

Diwali (KS 3&4)

Diwali (KS 3&4)

This is a five page booklet which looks at the traditions observed and symbols used around this time in Hindu families. The story of Rama and Sita is also looked at. For resources looking at Hinduism or India more closely please visit:

By WillsonEducation