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Plurals in Hungarian - A többesszám

Plurals in Hungarian - A többesszám

Plural form is a complicated thing to learn in Hungarian. Let me show what I mean. Plurals are created with suffixing the letter k to both nouns and adjectives. It seems simple given you have a (good) word which ends properly to a vowel (and to a proper vowel… but to that later). Lets see an example. The world futó means runner in English. So futók means runners. What could be simpler, right? No. Most words usually end with a consonant in Hungarian, so we have to insert an extra vowel between the word and the letter k. Rules governing what vowel is where the issue lies. Given the adjective vörös (red). The extra vowel here can be e if the color red was used literally or ö if it was used symbolically. For example multiple red objects would be vörösek, but a team playing in red in football would be called the vörösök. … stay tuned :)