Whole-school Mandarin resources: religion, philosophy and ethics

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Mandarin Chinese Club - Full pack with lessons, resources, scheme of work (Full term)

Mandarin Chinese Club - Full pack with lessons, resources, scheme of work (Full term)

This pack contains 7 weeks' worth of lessons and resources for a weekly Mandarin Chinese club. Applicable to all school ages. Included in the pack: - Complete Chinese club lessons. - Hyperlinked videos with accompanying questions. - Footnotes on slides to explain background, give answers, provide teacher instruction and advice, pronunciation guide and URL links to other resources such as Chinese character writing paper and access to Websites which generate Chinese names and transliterated English names in Chinese. - Display poster. - Chinese flag image to be used as a PowerPoint background if teacher wants to create new slides or edit PowerPoints. - Chinese award slips. - Promotional poster for departments and classrooms. - Labels for students to put on books/folders in Chinese. - Medium-term plan for seven weeks' worth of lesson. - Covers a range of basic linguistic content (see basic outline below) as well as cultural themes such as festivals, traditions etc. The pack is designed to provide a fully prepared set of short lessons for a Chinese club which requires minimal to no teacher preparation. Fantastic resource for raising the profile of languages in your school and giving students an introduction to non-European languages. Basic outline of 7 week course: 1. Spring Festival/Chinese New Year 2. Greetings/Introducing oneself 3. Numbers (receptive) 4. Numbers (productive) 5. How old are you? 6. Geography of China 7. Qingming/Pure Brightness Festival

By tcnewman