Primary Spanish resources: parts of the body

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¿Tiene familia? (Do you have a family?)

¿Tiene familia? (Do you have a family?)

In this worksheet you will find vocabulary that will help you understand / describe basic details regarding family and marital status. There are 2 exercises (Spanish to English and English to Spanish) and all necessary vocabulary is provided. Suitable for all levels of ability. Answers provided.

By vettyjames

KS3 Spanish Cover Lesson Design your own Monster

KS3 Spanish Cover Lesson Design your own Monster

Lesson covers: works best as a cover lesson. It is easy for non-specialists to follow but supports and challenges KS3 students of Spanish well. Could also be adapted for use in lessons by specialists in order to introduce / revise adjectives / body parts. All activities are differentiated. Lesson involves: Differentiated objectives and starter activity (translations). Activity 1: Team work to look up adjectives and parts of the body so they can describe / create their monster in final activity. Words are displayed in Spanish and students use dictionaries to translate them. Challenge included on ppt. Next slide gives answers to students so they can write down whatever they were unable to find. Activity 2: Differentiated translation task using key vocabulary they have just looked up in teams. Key words provided as well as higher challenge. Next slide contains answers for peer / self-assessment. Main activity 3 'apply' task: students design their own monster. Again, this is differentiated by task with key works provided on ppt. Pyramid review to finish.

By Miriam81



SPANISH DETECTIVE CARD GAME "QUE ES LO QUE....?" Grades 5 and above - 48 "QUE ES LO QUE?" cards. Each card has 4 words written on it. Those 4 words will be related to the same theme (e.g película | pantalla | asientos | palomitas belong to the category cine). Students can be divided into teams whilst the teacher picks cards at random, the first team to guess the right category wins the point. Once all the cards have been used, points for each team are added up and the team with the most points wins. - Cover Artwork - Instructions included suitable for students Grade 5 and above

By giomanuel



PERFECT FOR DEVELOPING LANGUAGE SKILLS AND PRACTISING AND REVISING SPANISH VOCABULARY - 198 ESSENTIAL WORDS AND PHRASES FOR BEGINNING SPANISH LEARNERS! This combined set of games and activities really do help students to develop and embed their beginning SPANISH vocabulary in a cooperative, communicative and interactive way. They’re ideal for independent learning, and perfect for pair and small-group work. Students can quiz/test themselves and each other on a regular basis - they're a very popular alternative to more traditional vocabulary 'drilling tasks', and really do help to create a lively language learning environment. The pack features 198 BEGINNING WORDS AND PHRASES that students are likely to meet in the INTRODUCTORY stages of their SPANISH learning: GRUPO UNO Los saludos (1) Los días de la semana Los meses y las estaciones del año Los números 0-20 Mi familia Palabras frecuentes Frases útiles para la clase Preguntas y respuestas GRUPO DOS Los saludos Los colores Las partes del cuerpo Los números 21-40 El tiempo Frases útiles para la clase Preguntas y respuestas I've described the resource as suitable for ages 7-14, but it does depend on the age at which your students begin SPANISH - the games and activities work well with any appropriate learning group, depending on their starting point. There are two non-editable files in a zipped format: FILE 1: SPANISH and ENGLISH game cards, with all the words and phrases to use in a variety of games and activities - I've suggested a range of games and activities that have worked well for me. This file also includes the game card template, which encourages your students to apply their developing knowledge of SPANISH practically and creatively. FILE 2 - this is an 18-page REFERENCE, RECALL & WRITE booklet. All the words and phrases are listed SPANISH-ENGLISH in language categories. There are 3 differentiated RECALL & WRITE activities to help your students really practise and review the vocabulary: CHILLOUT CHALLENGE: students write from memory all the words and phrases in ENGLISH from a SPANISH prompt - all the words/phrases are in their language category CHAMPION CHALLENGE: students write from memory all the words and phrases in SPANISH from an ENGLISH prompt - again, all the words and phrases are in their language category SUPERCHARGED CHALLENGE: all the words and phrases appear in random order, and switch from SPANISH to ENGLISH at each question - this really does put students' memories to the test! Please read the Terms of Use carefully - this resource is copyright, and for single-teacher/purchaser use only. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS Y QUE OS DIVIRTÁIS!

By LivelyLearning