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KS2 French Topic Support Mats - pack 6 + template

KS2 French Topic Support Mats - pack 6 + template

Promote independent learning and support progression and differentiation in 6 common topic areas with this pack of topic support mats. Based on the assumption that pupils will move from word to sentence level and develop grammatical understanding in the course of a topic, they are colour-coded for gender and parts of speech, and include model sentences. Extension language offers additional challenge. The absence of English on these mats requires pupils to develop their recall skills and ensures that the language they use is language that they know and can apply rather than merely copy. The mats can start to be used as soon as some of the topic vocabulary has been introduced in written form and subsequently provide a support and stimulus for the remainder of the topic. An essential tool for developing language manipulation in the primary classroom, they also serve as a check for the teacher that topics include sufficient opportunity for progression.
French Beginners  Classroom Jeopardy Game

French Beginners Classroom Jeopardy Game

Based on the brilliant template by Kevin Dufendach which I have adapted for the UK, this is a substantial classroom game for 8 players or teams. There are 6 single jeopardy topics (clothes, food, regular -er verbs, Easter, numbers, common words) and six grammar-based double jeopardy topics. The final jeopardy question has a betting component where contestants can win or lose as much as they like. There is an optional timer at the bottom of the question slides, and upbeat music that could really get on the your nerves (turn the volume down!). You probably need to allow about half an hour to get through to the end. Instructions and optional settings are included, as is a link to the Excel template which you could use to make your own version of the game. Make sure you enable macros on your computer, or none of it will work! Do leave feedback, as it’s really helpful in preparing future games!
les adjectifs (adjectives in French)

les adjectifs (adjectives in French)

A worksheet with 3 differents exercises: match the opposite, finish the sentence using adjectives of colours (describing a picture of fruit or vegetable), fill in the blank with the adjective in the bracket.
French KS3 Y8 Les repas - breakfast -  what you eat and key verbs - includes homework task

French KS3 Y8 Les repas - breakfast - what you eat and key verbs - includes homework task

A tried and tested lesson which includes a homework task that should set prior to the class. This is included within the PowerPoint and needs to be printed out and distributed a few days before the lesson (ideally). The homework is then corrected in class and leads into a new activity. The PowerPoint includes another text for the class activity. Other tasks include speaking and listening. The lesson requires students to have covered some typical breakfast foods and has been designed to challenge Foundation students who would normally work on EXPO 2 VERT. As a point of reference, this lesson is aimed at covering the content of page 62. Covers a number of verbs in the present tense: manger, prendre, aller, boire etc.
Sondage_Qui est le plus...dans ta famille? (the superlative form of adjectives)

Sondage_Qui est le plus...dans ta famille? (the superlative form of adjectives)

The ressources will be useful for KS3 and KS4 students (beginners) to work on the superlative form of adjectives in French as well as to revise the vocabulary “Family”. The resource is made in the form of an interview. Students need to work in pairs. They need to ask all questions and complete a column. Then they change a partner till all columns are completed. Finally, the teacher needs to ask one student to present another student’s family.


This bundle consists of 20 GCSE tests, each on a specific topic and covering different grammar points. Each test is made up of 2 or more Reading Activities, some Grammar exercises and a Writing Task. Each test lasts between 45mn and 1h20. It is aimed at GCSE Higher but easily can be adapted for Foundation. The following topics are covered : _ FOOD _ HEALTH _ HOBBIES _ NEW TECHNOLOGIES _ FAMILY _ HOLIDAYS _ TRANSPORTS _ SCHOOL _ ROUTINE _ SHOPPING _ OUTINGS _ CLOTHES & FASHION _ ENVIRONMENT _ DESCRIPTION _ JOBS _ HOUSE & AREA All the grammar points for GCSE These assessments are in Word docs and are therefore fully editable. Some of them will have the answers provided, so they can be used for independent learning. It’s ideal to prepare for GCSE exam.
Coupe du Monde - Russie booklet  Yr7/8

Coupe du Monde - Russie booklet Yr7/8

A booklet designed for Years 7 and 8 containing a number of varied activities This could be attempted shortly before the World Cup in June. Enables countries ( including genders) and colours to be revised. The resource should contain enough material for a few lessons and contains: a list of the 32 countries competing with follow-up activities complete sentences about capital cities short texts on tournament with follow-up activities positions on field - they pick their own England and World teams describing football kit, with colours