Provision Map

Easily manage SEND and pupil premium

Provision Map – for your Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) – is a SEND management suite that helps them document, review and track learning plans and interventions in your school. It has every tool they need to reduce workload, help manage SEND pupils and improve their learning outcomes.

Our learning plans are very easy to use and are fully customisable to match your school and they're in-line with the UK SEND Code of Practice and follow the Assess – Plan – Do – Review approach.

Provision Map can make your teachers SENCO Superheros by saving them 133 hours on administration per year and securing your school an average of over £15,000 in additional funding.*

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Why choose Provision Map:

  • The flexible learning plans are easy to use and are fully customisable to adapt to your school.
  • Fast and easy to map out interventions and to keep track of what pupils and staff are involved in.
  • Reviewing a plan or provision is quick and easy and again fits in with SEND Code of Practice. Automatic reminders ensure you never miss a review.
  • Our reporting engine saves SENCOs and pupil premium co-ordinators hours of time every day, just choose the criteria you require and a detailed report is instantly available.
  • Our optional plugin enables you to email staff and their replies will be collated and attached to the pupil concerned.
Provision Map

Saves time and stress, it allows a whole school holistic view of what provisions we offer.

Paul Hughes
Thistley Hough Academy

*Schools using Provision Map to secure additional funding. January 2019 survey feedback