2018 KS2 SATs Revision Ultimate 3-in-1 Maths Organiser

NEW 2019 version with great new features coming soon- FROM SEPT 2018!

Ultimate KS2 Maths Skills Organiser! Following on from teacher/student feedback (over 500 schools used last year and over 20 5*Star TES reviews), new in this year’s edition…
• Student friendly tutorial videos for EVERY question on the 2017 Reasoning and Arithmetic SATs papers!
• All 48 printable skills booster packs have been updated to incorporate the 2017 questions!
• There is now a second “Prove It!” version of each of the 48 skills Booster Packs. These are also printable and show the answer to each question in the answer box. The idea behind the “Prove It!” boosters are to encourage children who tend to do all the working out in their heads (and subsequently lose silly marks) to explain, reason, prove and justify where the answer comes from. They can no longer simply just give an answer without showing any working because the answer is already there! This is an invaluable skill for mastery of the reasoning papers. The “Prove It!” boosters are accessible by clicking the Lightbulb underneath each standard booster.
• The heighest weighted topics which have been worth the most marks in recent years have been given larger buttons to click to help students and teachers plan and prioritise their revision!
• The Boosters have been reorganised more sensibly to make it easier to distinguish between skills required for Arithmetic and those required for Reasoning i.e. Boosters 1 – 10 cover the Arithmetic skills and Boosters 11 – 48 cover the Reasoning skills.
• All YouTube buttons for instant access to a tutorial video for each question are still present on all booster packs and past papers, although last Summer’s questions are easier to spot as they have a green YouTube button instead of a regular red and white one.
• We have made it easier to get Year 5 involved! A new button at the top of the Organiser especially for Year 5 to access the One-A-Day Vidamin SATs videos. A SATs video for every of the year, as well as Thinking Outside the Box Puzzle videos on our own YouTube channel. Just click the fruit!
• Teachers’ Answer Booklet.
Of course the major success and strength of the last two years’ Organisers is still there too! All of the above is accessible via a single PDF file, which is uploadable onto your school website – giving your students access to all Standard Boosters, Prove It Boosters, and tutorial videos for every past paper question at home on tablets, laptops and mobile phones.
Customisable letter for parents and assembly for students also included.
All you need for KS2 maths success!

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