Ahoy Sailors: A Poetry/Drawing, Visual Literacy Exercise
This is a fun STEM-literacy exercise that allows pupils to illustrate their own poem while they do some creative problem-solving. In this simple poem, the author asks readers to imagine what special power they might have to keep themselves afloat at sea without a boat.

For literacy learning (and visual literacy): Ask children to read the poem aloud to get a sense of the rhythm. Ask students what devices have been used to construct the poem (e.g. rhyme). Why has the author chosen to use 'ere and not here? What words in the poem can help them to create a drawing of the scene? Pay particular attention to size and scale (i.e. above the whales and sharks and fish the size of me).

For STEM learning: Ask students to imagine how they might stay afloat if that were at sea without a boat. Brainstorm as a group and discuss what might be possible scientifically. For example, what could we do to the water to make it easier to float in it (add salt)? How could we change the water so we can walk on it (freeze it)? By getting kids to imagine a solution, test their hypothesis and report back, you can develop great scientific thinking skills and build science capital in young learners.

Away, me hearties!


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