Creative iMedia R081 FULL UNIT of work

FULL UNIT: Includes lessons for all topics and each task (1-4), revision questions, assessment test papers, homework tasks, Schemes of Work for each task, worksheets - everything you need to deliver the unit.

This unit will enable learners to understand pre-production skills used in the creative and digital media sector. It will develop their understanding of the client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques that form part of the planning and creation process.

Planning is an essential part of working in the creative and digital media sector. This unit will enable learners to acquire the underpinning knowledge and skills needed to create digital media products and gain an understanding of their application.
On completion of this unit, learners will understand the purpose and uses of a range of pre-production techniques. They will be able to plan pre-production of a creative digital media product to a client brief, and will understand how to review preproduction documents.

Learners studying the optional units will be able to apply knowledge and understanding gained in this unit to help develop their skills further during the completion of those units.

LO1: Understand the purpose and content of pre-production
LO2: Be able to plan pre-production
LO3: Be able to produce pre-production documents
LO4: Be able to review pre-production documents

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  • Mind-Map-worksheet-1.docx
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  • Mood-Board.pptx
  • Moodboards-Activity-1.docx
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  • Moodboards-Plenary.docx
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  • Script-Quiz.ppt
  • Storyboard-Lesson-1.pptx
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  • Storyboard-Practise-Task.doc
  • Storyboard-Worksheet-2---3-Answers.docx
  • Storyboard-Worksheet-2.docx
  • Storyboard-Worksheet-3.docx
  • 137691-unit-r081-visualisation-diagram-activity-lesson-element-teacher-instructions.pdf
  • Visualisation-OCR-Task.doc
  • Visualisation-Worksheet.docx
  • Visualisation.pptx
  • SoW-R081-Task-1.docx
  • R081-Task-1-Evalaution-Homework.docx
  • Unit-R081-L01-Overall-Assessment-Paper.docx
  • Categorising-Audiences.pptx
  • Kids-5-a-Day-Task.docx
  • Client-Brief-1.pptx
  • Client-Brief-2.pptx
  • Interpreting-Client-Requirements-Questions-L2.docx
  • Out-and-Up-Example-Scenario-L1.docx
  • Research-Questions-Task.docx
  • Research.pptx
  • Hardware-and-Software-Questions.docx
  • Hardware-and-Software.pptx
  • coach-risk-assessment-leaflet.pdf
  • Health-and-Safety-Using-Computers.pptx
  • Risk-assessment-blank-.doc
  • Risk-Assessment-Lesson.pptx
  • risk-assessment-form-alton-towers-resort.pdf
  • GDPR-Exam-Questions.docx
  • Legislation-1.pptx
  • Legislation-2.pptx
  • Legislation-Task-1.docx
  • Legislation-Task-2.docx
  • Gantt-Charts.pptx
  • OCR-Work-Plan-Tasks.doc
  • Test-5-work-plan-Answers.docx
  • Test-5-work-plan.docx
  • Work-Plan.pptx
  • R081-Task-2-Evalaution-Homework.docx
  • Unit-R081-L02-Overall-Assessment-Paper.docx
  • SoW-R081-Task-2.docx
  • Creating-Pre-Production-Documents.pptx
  • File-Types.pptx
  • LO3-Task-3-Exam-Questions.docx
  • R081-Task-3-Evalaution-Homework.docx
  • Unit-R081-L03-Overall-Assessment-Paper.docx
  • SoW-R081-Task-3.docx
  • R081-L04-Evaluation-Questions.docx
  • R081-Task-4-Evalaution-Homework.docx
  • Task-4-Evaluation-Lessons.pptx
  • Unit-R081-L04-Overall-Assessment-Paper.docx
  • SoW-R081-Task-4.docx
  • iMedia-100--sheet.docx
  • R081-Overall-Unit-Checklist.docx
  • Mini-Test---1.docx
  • Mini-Test---2.docx
  • Mini-Test---3.docx
  • Mini-Test---4.docx

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