Current Electricity -35 Question Interactive Quiz  KS3

This is a challenging, engaging and enjoyable interactive game which can be played by individuals or teams. There are 35 differentiated questions on the basics of current electricity including:

  • understanding the terms current, voltage and resistance;
  • conductors and insulators;
  • circuit symbol;
  • circuits diagrams;
  • units and measurement of current and voltage;
  • current and voltage in series and parallel circuits;
  • lamps in series and parallel.

Included in this Pack.
Interactive Question PowerPoint with 35 differentiated questions
Interactive Answer PowerPoint (which also shows the questions)
Pupil answer/score sheet
Instruction sheet

Preparation Required
Photocopying pupil score sheet

How it Works.

  • Work through interactive Question PowerPoint.
  • Pupils/teams write answers on recording sheet.
  • Work through Interactive Answer PowerPoint.
  • Pupils total their score
  • Highest score wins.

Prior Knowledge Required

  • The symbols for switch, resistor, battery, voltmeter, ammeter, motor, buzzer
    and able to recognise series and parallel circuits.
  • Metals and non-metals as conductors and insulators.
  • Current is a flow of electrons and metal ions cause resistance.
  • Batteries contain chemicals and provide the push or voltage to current.
  • Voltage is the difference in energy level between two points in a circuit.
  • Comparative resistance of long/short, thin/thick wires.
  • Know that insulators have high resistances and the resistance of all conductors
    is comparatively lower.
  • Comparative brightness of identical lamps in series and parallel and the effect
    of removing a lamp.
  • Ammeters are placed in series and voltmeters in parallel.
  • Current is measured in amps and voltage in volts.
  • Current in series and parallel circuits.
  • Voltage in series and parallel circuits.

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