Decimals - Four Basic Operations Task Card REVIEW GAME - {Common Core}
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This 16 Decimal - Basic Operations Task Card resource is very unique. It can be utilized in a clue gathering, puzzle solving, highly active and engaging activity for those learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals (also includes word problems) or as an alternative to worksheet review for older students. Do you use Math Workshops in your class? These would be perfect! This activity covers the Common Core Math Standard - 5.NBT & 6.NS.

Buyer Comments: "What a great resource for my math center time."

"Perfect activity to get the kids up and moving around the room. Thank you."

"Awesome resource!"

What's included:
- 16 Task Cards
- Student worksheet
- Teacher answer key
- Task Card Review Game Word Chart
- A complete answer chart for teacher and/or student use

Questions include solving Decimal questions via:
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division
- Word Problems


1) Task card review game - lots of fun!
- Students are placed in groups of two and have to work their way through the task cards. Each task card answer leads the student to a clue (a word).
- Once the group has completed each task card they will have enough clues to solve the puzzle.
- Once the group has solved the puzzle, they are the winner.

2) Typical task card review.
- You can simply distribute the Task Cards to your class for individual, group or whole class review
- The Task Cards can be projected on the board for whole class review
- The cards work well as cue cards, test review, etc.
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Created: Nov 9, 2015

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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