Economics Diagrams (A Level Full Set)
This PowerPoint contains 64 key diagrams for the A Level Economics Course. They are high-resolution and can be printed up to A1 size. You can also save the slides as image files by following the steps in the first slide.
The diagrams are annotated with important concepts and points.
There is also a bonus of five 'blank' diagrams which have the lines but no annotations or correct labels (they are marked up with simple letters). These can be used as activities where students have to either replace the letter with the correct label or give the letters which correspond to a particular concept.
This pack contains the following diagrams:
Year 1 Microeconomics
- Straight line PPF
- Opportunity cost on a PPF
- Curved PPF
- Growth on a PPF
- Technology gain on a PPF (single good output increase)
- Efficiency on a PPF
- Market equilibrium
- Increase in demand
- Price elasticity of demand
- Price elasticity of demand and revenue
- Increase in supply
- Price mechanism
- Consumer surplus
- Minimum price
- Maximum price
- Negative externality of production
- Positive externality of consumption
- Incidence of flat rate tax
- Incidence of ad valorum tax
- Incidence of subsidy
Year 2 Microeconomics
- Revenue maximisation
- Economies of scale (including minimum efficient scale and diseconomies of scale)
- Perfect competition
- Profit maximisation in an imperfect market
- Long run monopolistically competitive market
- Oligopoly (simple) - kinked AR curve
- Oligopoly (complex) - kinked AR curve and vertical discontinuity in MR curve
- Static efficiencies in an imperfect market
- Shut down points
- Dynamic efficiency
- Natural monopoly
- Labour demand
- Individual labour supply (backward bending labour supply curve)
- Market labour supply
- Labour market equilibrium
- Impact of trade union
- Monopsony
- Bi-lateral monopoly
- Discrimination
Year 1 Macroeconomics
- Reasons for downward sloping AD
- Factors affecting AD
- Factors affecting AS (short run and long run)
- Economic cycle
- Negative output gap (cyclical unemployment)
- Positive output gap
- Cost push inflation
- Demand pull inflation
- Hysteresis
- The Keynesian LRAS
- Macroeconomic policies
Year 2 Macroeconomics
- Inequality (Lorenz Curve & Gini Coefficient)
- Comparative advantage (shown with PPF)
- Gains of trade
- Trade creation
- Trade diversion
- Floating exchange rate determination
- Impact of depreciation on trade balance (J-Curve)
- Impact of tariff
- Impact of quota
- Impact of import reducing subsidy
- Guaranteed minimum price
- Buffer stock scheme
- Increasing money supply (QE)
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