Elements, Mixtures and Compounds Full Unit

This is a whole unit of the fundamentals of Chemistry, initially aimed at KS3 but I have used it as is for lower-ability KS4. I’ve also used it as a starting point for higher-ability KS4. I’ve spent a long, long time on these lessons trying to make them clear, digestible and (dare I say it) in some places funny!
This unit covers everything from atomic theory, the periodic table, chemical reactions versus physical changes, methods of separation and oxides. Plenty of opportunity for practicals, and differentiation via open-ended questions and tasks.
Slides contain teacher notes where it may not be immediately obvious what the hell is going on.
For the price of a coffee you can have a whole unit of work! Then just put your feet up and wish you had a coffee.

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  • L13-Diffusion.pptx
  • L14-Metal-and-Non-Metal-Oxides.pptx
  • Super-Duper-Oxides-Practical-Worksheet.pptx
  • L2-Elements-Electron-Structure.pptx
  • Worksheet-Electronic-Configuration.pptx
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  • Worksheet-Element--Mixture-or-Compound.pptx
  • chemical-reactions-pract.pdf
  • L6-Physical-Change-Chemical-Reaction.pptx
  • Worksheet-Chemical-Reactions.ppt
  • L7-Balancing-Chemical-Equations.ppt
  • Worksheet-1-Easier-Identifying-No-Of-Atoms.pptx
  • Worksheet-2-Balancing-Chemical-Equations-Harder.docx
  • L8-Metals-Vs-Non-Metals.pptx
  • Worksheet-Comparing-Metals-and-Non-metals.ppt
  • Worksheet-Possible-Plenary.ppt
  • Worksheet-Properties-Cut-n-Stick.ppt
  • L9-Solvent-Solute-Solutions.pptx
  • Worksheet-1---Particles-and-Dissolving.pptx
  • Worksheet-2---Ideas-About-Dissolving.pptx

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