x3 Complete Lessons - 1 theory lesson per Micro-Nutrient. The lessons are full of colour, reliable information and all resources are included for teacher/student convenience - EVEN THE ANSWERS!!

Vitamins -
The lesson contains 19 slides covering:

Fat-soluble Vitamins Water-Soluble Vitamins Preserving vitamins when cooking Fruit and Vegetables Video reflecting on the goverment guidelines for a healthy balanced diet (this has been included to support the importance of a healthy diet and the use of taking/not taking Multi-vitamin suppliments.

The lesson includes 4 tasks;

Grouping sources of food to Fat-Soluble Vitamins Identifying the source, function and health problems associated with many water-soluble vitamins. The names of each vitamin is clearly labelled. Students are provided hand outs to assist. Video and answer Discussion on preserving vitamins when cooking.

Minerals -
x1 theory lesson - 19 slides - lots of time saved on your part, in such a busy teaching world!

This PPT covers the topic of Minerals. (theory only) It introduces students to the 4 minerals needed by the body and the 2 trace minerals.

The PPT is very colourful, is full of subject specific reliable information and students can access it easily.

The PPT includes:

A sorting activity - all of the resource handouts are provided with answers. The resources are differentiated for the Lower ability students. Covers the 4 minerals and 2 trace element minerals - covering their function, excess and deficiency. Video for students to watch - includes information about Minerals (with links to vitamins also) showing a food science experiment - questions for students to answer are also included (answers already written and provided for teacher to present on a seperate slide. Plenary - discussion question.

Fibre & Water -
This 19 slide PPT covers the importance of fibre and water in our diet. It is full of colour and reliable subject knowledge.

The content covers:

Fibre’s and Water’s function, sources and deficency/excess.

All task handouts are included with answers on the slides for the teacher/students to easily access. Interactive videos are also included as learning aids.

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