GCSE PE (Edexcel) - Complete Pupil Assessment & Monitoring Program - V1

GCSE PE Teacher’s Companion Throughout The Entire Course!
Scaling factors / calculations will be built in soon!


  • Create Group & Pupil Profiles (an overview)
  • Assessment Tracking Zone, including…
  1. ALL Theory, Practical & PEP assessments calculated automatically by the program
  2. Automated calculation of separate year assessments & overall assessments (also RAG rated vs targets)
  • Theory Exam Predictor Zone (automated %'s needed to hit target & various grades)
  • Progress Monitoring (to cover all years of the course, including Yr 9 if applicable)
  • Pupil Interventions (record, date & evidence throughout the entire course)
  • Practical & PEP Tracking (keep records & assessments of activities covered throughout the entire course)
  • Homework Tracking (record homeworks & marking / results throughout the entire course)

Please contact me at robdav1944@gmail.com to discuss pricing if you are interested in the full & unlocked version! Thank you.

I will be developing the program for other exam boards soon, namely AQA & OCR. I will also update all grade boundaries in August, after the first run of the new course summer exams.


  1. Download this free trial version & try it!
  2. It’s really important that you enable ‘macros’ if Excel asks you to do so!
  3. Have a play with the program and follow the instructions inside. The idea is that the program does most of the work for you!
  4. I welcome constructive criticism. If you think it can be improved please let me know!
  5. Please contact me if you are interested in the the full & unlocked version. I’m afraid it’s not free… there is a one-off fee, but it is considerably less than alternative programs on-line (they charge one year or multi-year subscriptions which are far more expensive)
  6. In addition, every updated version of this program will be FREE to customers who have purchased the previous full version!

Please Note!

  • The Core PE Pupil Assessment Tracking & Intervention Program is currently in my TES shop right now!

Thank you for looking at my GCSE PE - Complete Pupil Assessment & Monitoring Program. If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact me at robdav1944@gmail.com to discuss pricing.



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