GCSE Physics Worksheets - Forces, Motion and Energy
This pack of materials consists of nine worksheets and fully worked out answers.

Resultant Forces
Forces and Motion: Distance Time Graphs
Forces and Motion: Velocity Time Graphs
Forces and Braking
Forces and Terminal Velocity
Forces and Elasticity
Forces and Energy: Potential Energy
Forces and Energy: Kinetic Energy

They have been designed to match the needs of the AQA Physics GCSE syllabus for the first half of module P2, but could be used with any GCSE Physics syllabus or appropriate unit from GCSE Double Science. They are suitable for use in class or as homework. They cover the areas of forces, motion and energy.

Each worksheet contains the relevant equation/s to complete the work, so that students should find the tasks accessible. The focus for calculation questions is on the process of getting to the answer rather than the answer itself. (Many answer guides or mark schemes simply quote the correct answer without the details to help a struggling student see how it was achieved).

My aim is to produce five more units of similar materials to complete the Physics GCSE. I would appreciate any feedback, errors or omissions to help me with this work going forward.

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  • momentum.pdf
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