I am. I can. I will. Mindfulness and confidence building activity

**Nowadays we are becoming more just how much more aware we need to be. The importance **of developing an inner compass that points to an attitude of self belief, determination, resilience and being kids to others, will carry us well through life.

This is something that anyone who has every tried to achieve something in their lives knows too well, and I’m sure understand the value of learning this at a young age.

This resource is inspired by the morals from my book so can be incorporated into literacy/guided reading lesson, and aims to create class discussion through the introduction of news words or reflecting on words already learned and how they can personally apply them to their own life, which leads to children creating positive self declarations which they can take home with them and keep safe.

This resource aims to show children potential and the endless possibilities before them, and the important of a positive mental attitude.

Includes worksheets to be used as a poster.
Flash cards to introduce new words and phrases and to help them to fill out the worksheet.
Extract from on the book in which the main character demonstrates a positive ‘I can’ attitude, despite possible negative opinions.

For a copy of the book this resource was inspired by go to Amazon; http://amzn.eu/7MpFto4


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Created: May 14, 2018

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

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