Ice Breaker - PowerPoint Game - This or That
"This Or That" is a fantastic ice breaker game to use with your class.
Standing in the middle of the room, students have to decide which of the two items on the screen they prefer (for example oranges or apples) and then make a dash for the side of the room to gather with their like minded friends.
PowerPoint Game includes a dramatic 5,4,3,2,1 GO countdown, background music, pictures and words and instructions for some other useful variations incorporating more speech and even more suspense (with more moves etc).
Please go to the following YouTube address to see a preview of the powerpoint game in action -
21 different slides in this game which include
Toast or Cereal
Dogs or Cats
Maths or English
Reading a book or listening to music
Black or White
Summer or Winter
Singing or Dancing
Roses or Daisies
Trains or Buses etc.

All of my PPT templates and games are made with Microsoft Office 2013. If you are worried about the compatibility of your office versions for viewing this game, you can download the Free Microsoft PPT Viewer Download from the microsoft website.
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