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Money Year 3  - Add and Subtract Money and Calculate Change PowerPoint Lesson

This resource contains a fully editable and interactive 65-slide PowerPoint lesson designed to support the delivery of the White Rose Maths (WRM) small steps scheme of work for Year 3 Money - Spring Term, Week 4 - Block 2.

The PowerPoint covers

  • adding money
  • subtracting money
  • calculating change

It contains explanations, examples and many opportunities for pupils to develop their adding and subtracting money skills and calculating change skills. It includes a variety of methods for doing this including partitioning, bar models, number lines and column methods of addition and subtraction.

This resource would also be appropriate for older SEN students due to the highly visual nature of the PowerPoint.

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Year 3 Money - Week 4 - PowerPoint Lesson

This PowerPoint covers

  • the value of coins and notes
  • comparing the values of coins and notes
  • counting coins to find total amounts
  • converting pence to pounds and pence
  • converting pounds and pence to pence
  • selecting the correct coins to pay for items

Year 3 Money - Week 4 - Set of 30 Worksheets

The worksheets accompany the PowerPoint and cover the same skills.

Save money and buy both the PowerPoint and Set of Worksheets at a discounted rate.

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