Number Bonds to 10 : PowerPoint Lesson and Differentiated Worksheets
This resource contains

PowerPoint Lesson on Number Bonds to 10<

This is a colourful, fully editable 61-slide PowerPoint. The PowerPoint is highly visual and interactive clearly demonstrating addition (adding up) and subtraction (taking away) focusing on number bonds to 10. It features fish swimming from one bowl to another to visually demonstrate what adding up and taking away mean.

Set of 14 Differentiated Worksheets

This resource contains a set of 14 differentiated worksheets on number bonds to 10. Tasks include

- addition and subtraction sums
- finding missing numbers
- simple word problems - addition and subtraction to 10

The resource also contains colour coded strips of the numbers 1 -10 which can be laminated. These colour coded numbers will enable those pupils who find number work challenging to take an active part in the lesson as they will be able to identify 'missing numbers' by using the colour chart.

This resource is appropriate for reception children and Key Stage 1 as well as older SEN students. It can be used as a stand-alone lesson or for starters/revision on a daily basis to consolidate understanding and remembering of the number bonds.

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