Python Programming–Jumbled Code Task Cards (Beginner) Coding Unplugged Activity
This resource is a brilliant way to get students to begin coding in Python! A set of 12 different Jumbled Code Python Task Cards which can be cut out, laminated and distributed to students.

Students need to look at the code and read the English statements (pseudo code) in order to put the jumbled python code in the correct order. These have been brilliant in my classroom and I have used them for starter and review activities. I have even used these as an introduction to coding in Python.

These task cards also test students understanding of the following programming concepts:
1) syntax errors
2) logical errors
3) variables
4) print() function
5) input() function
6) int() function
6) if statements
7) while loops
8) lists
9) sorting & reverse sorting data in lists.

Each task card also allows you to question students further on their knowledge of Python i.e:
• “why was the data type string and not integer?”
• “what is the difference between the input() and print() functions?”
• “why did we need to use the int() function?E
• Etc…

Python software can be downloaded for free from:
There are also many online platforms in which Python can be used such as
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