The history of flight & the first aeroplane flight: PowerPoint presentations
A set of PowerPoint presentations plus a medium term plan looking at the history of flight. The PowerPoints are:

Introduction to flight: Looks at maps of Britain, Europe and the world, encouraging children to discuss which modes of transport would be most suitable for different countries. Introduces flying as the best kind of transport for travelling to places far away.

The history of flight: Describes the development of flight from the first kites made by the Chinese around 200 BC to the modern types of aircraft today. Includes kites, wings, ornithopter, hot air balloon, hydrogen balloon, airships, helicopters, autogyro, biplanes and monoplanes, flying boat, the jet engine, space shuttles and Concorde. Also looks briefly at the work of: the Montgolfier brothers, George Cayley, Otto Lilienthall, Samuel Pierpont Langley, the Wright brothers and Frank Whittle.

The first balloon flight ~ The Montgolfier brothers: A story of their lives, and how they designed the Montgolfier balloon.

The first aeroplane flight ~ The Wright brothers: A story of their lives and how they designed the first heavier than air powered aircraft.

Aeroplanes: Explores different parts of a plane, with pictures, descriptions and explanations. Parts of a plane - the flight deck, engines, wings / flaps and spoilers, fuel, fuselage, the tail, and wheels. Inside the plane - the cabin, doors, overhead bins, seats, safety cards, flight attendants, windows, galley, food, and bathroom.

How to make a paper plane (x2): Step by step instructions on how to make a paper plane, with illustrations.

The Airport: A look at different things that are seen when visiting the airport, with pictures, descriptions, and explanations: The airport terminal - inside and outside, checking in, check-in desk, baggage, baggage handlers, boarding card, security, departure lounge, information boards, departure gates, boarding, the runway, air traffic control, and luggage carousel. Asks what it might be like living near to an airport.
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